Honda Continues With Construction of Lincoln Facility

by : Ally Wahlberg

Honda Manufacturing of Alabama is continuously expanding in the Lincoln area as it moves forward with the construction of its new facilities.

For the past year or so, Honda Manufacturing of Alabama has announced of its plan to invest an additional $100 million at the Lincoln manufacturing plant.

Last October, HMA has announced a new $34 million expansion that would consist of a mixed-use facility built o its 1,350-acre site in Lincoln.

According to Mark Morrison, Manager of Corporate Affairs and Communication for HMA, "The new facility will offer improved efficiency in costs, quality and delivery due to its convenient location to our Lincoln facility. We believe the investment and employment offered by this new venture also will benefit our customers and the community."

Morrison also said that as of Thursday last week, construction was completed at the new Gulf Shore Assemblies which provides automotive sub-assemblies to HMA and created 38 more jobs.

Last April, Honda the producer of has another announcement concerning another expansion project. The new project is a combined investment of $64.5 million and the creation of 20 new jobs. Morrison also said that construction equipment installation and testing is under way. The project is scheduled to be completed by 2009.

The new project will also include a total of 27,000 square feet of new building space at HMA for construction and operation of a steel blanking facility which is adjacent to the existing steel stamping lines. The project also includes additional investment in new equipment to boost HMA's ongoing production operations.

The Honda Manufacturing of Alabama has more than 4,500 associates with an investment in Alabama totaling to more than $1.3 billion. It is also the sole production source of the Odyssey minivan, the Pilot sport utility vehicle, and the V6 engines that power them. The annual production capacity of HMA is more than 300,000 vehicles.

And speaking of Honda's manufacturing facilities; Honda's El Salto plant in Mexico which produces 120 Accord sedans daily has slowed down production due to an irregular gas supply caused by the bombing on a Petroleos Mexicanos pipeline.

The bombing was claimed to be the work of a Mexican guerilla group. The rebels are demanding the return of their missing members whom the government says are not in federal custody.

Due to such incident Honda has stopped production for two days last week after the initial explosions. According to spokesman Eduardo Aragon Honda has lost as much as 4 million pesos or $369,720 for each day of missed production.