Using Resell Rights to Get Traffic and Subscribers

by : Jeremy Gislason

You see the ads all over the place, 'Get 147 ebooks and 56 software titles for only x amount of dollars'. Or how about, 'Buy the master resell rights to this product for only xx amount of dollars'. Lots of people buy these everyday with the hope of making big money. However, the big question many people seem to have after buying them is, now that I've got them, what the heck do I do with them?

Here are Seven Ways to use the products you have resell and give away rights to in order to gain more opt-in subscribers and traffic to your website.

1. Create mini-sites linked to your home page. Most any resell product these days include a pre-written sales page, product and logo images and the product. All you need to do is upload everything to a new page on your server. If you do not know how to do this, find a programmer to help you out, as it will not cost very much. Test out the new page to make sure it looks good and orders process correctly. Make sure to have links going back to your home page from any new pages you create as well as linking to them from your home page. Cross-linking all your mini sales sites with your home page could lead to lots of added traffic over time.

2. Add bonuses to your existing product or service. If you are already selling your own product or service, find a few products from your package and add them as bonuses to your product. The important thing is to make sure they are really bonuses and compliment what you're selling. For example, if you are selling a book about how taste test wine, you could add another book on the best cheeses and another on the best wineries in the world. Since cheese and wine go together nicely and they may be interested in traveling to a winery, these products make perfect sense to add on as bonuses. In addition, don't over do it on the bonuses. If you're product is selling for fifty dollars don't have two-thousand dollars worth of bonuses or your offer will be to unbelievable for most people. Remember you can have too much of a good thing sometimes.

3. Set up an autoresponder series. Here is a good way to not only build an opt-in list but also to get people to your website. You set up a series or weekly, bi-weekly or monthly emails to go out with each one containing a new product to download. You provide a subscribe form on your website for this therefore building up an opt-in list. Provide a download link on a unique page for each download on your website so everyone has to visit your website in order to download the free product. You could then have redirect links back to your homepage after they download the product. This keeps them looking forward to your next email as well as getting them to your site every time.

4. Repackage related products for resell. Some resell packages have hundreds of products inside. Pick out 10 or 20 products that are all topic related and bundle them together as a new package. For example, you could find all the products related to copywriting and put them all together aimed at people only interested in copywriting. Create a new image, sales page and price for this package and then promote it to its niche audience.

5. Give away new subscriber gift(s). Find products that have give away rights or price conditions and offer these as incentives to get new subscribers to your ezine or newsletter. People like getting things for free and if you give them something of good quality, most likely they'll be more receptive to reading your ezine. Of course it will then be up to you to get them to keep reading your publications and keeping that list responsive. Which brings us to the next idea.

6. Run contests and free giveaways. These are good methods to increase open rates to your emails. If you have your online publication online these should also get you more visitors. You could ask your subscribers to fill out an online survey in exchange for a free product. Or you could run a contest using products as prizes. The only limitation on ideas here is you. Do some brainstorming and come up with something good related to your readers.

7. Trade for services. Trading is one of the oldest forms of business there is. One person's hardship may be another's hobby. For example, I know very little about programming but I know people who absolutely live for it and do nothing but program just for the fun of it. Let's say you need some programming work done but are short on cash. You could offer the programmer some valuable software they could use that you just happen to have in return for some work. There are many possibilities here so make sure you both agree on the details first. However, something like this could work out well for both of you.

So there you have it, seven ways on using resell rights to get more traffic and subscribers. I wish you well on your efforts.

Copyright 2004 Jeremy Gislason