Volvo Parking Brake Cables

by : Evander Klum

In securing Volvo's image as a safety-conscious vehicle manufacturer, the company's team of profoundly skilled engineers and technicians makes sure Volvo Parking Brake Cables are at the top in terms of quality and reliability. A component in a vehicle's brake system, the Volvo Parking Brake Cable is attached by a pin to the arm of the brake caliper. This component is indispensable in the functioning of brakes.

Fundamentally significant on the rear disc brake applications with locking calipers, the adjustment of the must always be attained at the right level. If the cable is set very loosely, it is most probable that the parking brake will not be able to hold the vehicle. If the Volvo Parking Brake Cable is adjusted too tight, on the other hand, the brakes will likely drag. Although the break can adjust by itself, the travel length of the cable may be insufficient for the automatic adjuster to work.

If a Volvo Parking Brake Cable is properly adjusted, it is expected to travel for only about four to five clicks. As for rear disc brake applications with mini-drums in the rotors, the Volvo Parking Brake Cable serves as a standard duo-servo drum parking brake. In this case, the Volvo Parking Brake Cable forces the shoes against the drum and in so doing, locks the wheel.

Under the circumstance that one's Volvo undergoes some brake problems, the car must be thoroughly checked by a mechanic. One can also opt to do a brake system inspection by oneself. There are two things to consider: the condition of the disc brakes and the condition of the drum brakes. Disc brakes include the brake calipers, pads, and the rotors. The drum brakes, meanwhile, include the backing plates, drums, shoe self-adjusters, springs, and wheel cylinders. If it appears that nothing is wrong with any of these parts, the Volvo Parking Brake Cables must be checked. Having reliable brakes can simply be a matter of setting the right connections in a brake system.