Things You Should Know About Amateur Formula Drifting

by : Gregg Hall

One of the most important things that you should remember is that not everyone that tries out for their license will get it. Drifting is just as hard as any other professional sport it takes hard work and talent. If you want to become a drifter then you need to get the right car for it and better get started. If you first fail at getting your license there will be another opportunity to come around.

An amateur is a racer that races but doesn't receive money for his accomplishments. This basically means you are not pro yet but still drift and may be on the way to becoming one. There are many tracks around the United States that host live drifting events. Even though you may not be pro you can still go out on the track and put on a show and may qualify to get your license. The one problem about this is that there are only a few places around in the U.S. that host these events.

As stated above you can start drifting whenever you want and still be with it. Many people like to think of it as street racing but you are not street racing unless you are racing on the street although it is illegal to race on the street. If you haven't been exposed to drifting before and you just starting then you need to take it slow in order for you to go fast you have to start out slow. You can take intro to drifting at many places.

Drift lessons are offered all around the United States all you have to do is look. Even though it isn't where drifting came from you can find many places in California that will teach intro to drifting. The lessons can be taught to either men or women. All you need to do to find a lesson is look online and you should find something. If they are doing it in your area and you love to drift go for it.

You can most likely get involved with a drifting lesson and then start learning towards getting your license in no time at all. If they don't exist in your area then you might have to just teach yourself if you have a good car to use such as a 240sx with a sr20det the sr20det was built by Nissan for drifting basically all you really need to do is add some sway bars, an LSD and some good tires and your good to go. Maybe a little tuning but all in all you will be doing good with a 240sx anytime.