Balancing Speed With Safety In Sports Car Racing

by : Gregg Hall

Whether it be racing on the streets or racing on the track you should always know how to speed the right way while in a sports car which means driving fast safely. Even though you may know how to race already here are a few things you can do to better your time on the track.

If you are a rookie do not rev it all up at the start because you are probably just going to spin the tires off the line trying to get into 2nd gear. For a more advanced racer you should rev the motor where you like its RPM range at then when the signals come or the arms drop you let the clutch out and throttle it out of the pocket.

On straight- a ways you should be near top speed and should already know how to handle the car at these types of speeds. Starters should always use both hands when trying to reach a top speed or trying to top out a car.

A more advanced racer should know how to accelerate on the throttle and slow down on it around corners. Pulling more on the throttle will throw the car more towards the wall where as slowing down before a turn will allow you to get inside of the turn and maybe take the lead or win. You should only steer when turning. Not saying you shouldn't have your hands on the wheel just try not to turn the vehicle as that will decrease speed.

There is more than 1 way to turning a corner. Gradual turns will put you to the outside of the track where as pulling inside will shoot you out faster. Starters should get used to this first when running on the track.

If you are trying for a tight turn you might be trying to drift the corner a little bit which could spin you out or put you ahead if you do it right. This kind of cornering is for the more advanced type of racer as it requires you to brake while keeping your foot on the throttle at the same time. Come to the corner slow then pull out of it as fast as you can without spinning the tires and that will get you out ahead of everyone.

Be focused and take note each race how you lost or how you won and how you are going to win next time or how you are going to focus on winning. This is how you become the racer on the track that you want to be.

You should be able to keep your cool at high speeds and not be scared if you get scared then this isn't the sport or race for you. So you might want to get out of the race before you crash the car and have a really bad day.