The Unseen Value of Window Replacement

by : David Warren

It would not seem as though auto window replacement or windshield repair would really have a huge impact on the world around us. A rock takes out our windshield and we call an auto glass company, and our problems are solved. Jimmy hits the golf ball toward three cars parked in the driveway, and to his surprise actually hits one, and the windshield repair staff shows up an hour later.

A bad storm causes terrible debris to fly through the air and when it's all over, the auto glass company comes out for a window replacement. These are the types of repairs that most of us are used to, that make sense to us, and that don't necessarily impact our lives beyond allowing us to return to our conveniences and our own schedule. However, in Houston, there is an auto glass company doing more for their community than just replacing windows.

Unfortunately, there are several communities around the Houston area that are riddled with violence. In their violence, windows are shattered right along with the lives that are rocked by such violence. When a child is plowed down in a drive by shooting, the shot out windows remain as a bitter memory to those lost in one single, terrible event. Window replacement donated by various Houston auto glass companies can not heal the pain of the lost children, but can at least help to erase the nasty sting that the memories of the violence has left behind.

A simple donated window replacement can help in the healing process, by removing the visual reminders of the violence and allow the communities to remember the victims as they were in life, rather than in death. A simple windshield repair can remove the evidence of those who tried to run, those who lost the fight, and those who will never be brought to justice. Living with violence is not something that we should have to put up with, and yet thousands of families in the Houston area are forced to live with other people's irrational behaviors and suffer the consequences. One wouldn't think this is a place where an auto glass company could do some good.

Yet to date, hundreds of vehicles have been repaired in the wake of violence. This simple act helps communities attempt to move forward and continue to fight against the violence that shatters the lives of thousands of families every year. Windshield repair is nothing in the face of a drive by shooting, but ultimately, the more the communities can be cleaned up after the event, the stronger the community ties are to the world around them.

Simple acts like these are what make the auto glass companies of Houston special. While windshield repairs and window replacements don't seem to provide much worldwide impact. Every now and then you should dare to look a little farther behind the glass, to see the people who are involved in the business. Understanding their unique role in these communities isn't so hard. Auto glass companies, just as all other companies, are made up of people. When people offer whatever skill they can to help improve a situation, everyone benefits.

Windshield repair and window replacement is a fine art learned in the shops around the country, and most auto glass technicians wake up in the morning, head off to work, put in a full day, and return home to their family. This is the rhythm that we all enter into. When just one persona stops, whether they know how to build a home lost in a hurricane or provide a windshield repair service damaged in a drive by, these are the people that make a real difference in the world. These are the people who can be considered heroes for simply recognizing the basic needs of people in crisis and coming to their aid in their best capacity.

The auto glass company who is most involved in this project has never really tooted its own horn or stood out to be recognized. Their auto glass technicians did the deeds they felt would help in the wake of a drive by victim who tugged at their heart strings, a three year old girl. These small steps give everyone the basic empowerment to help change the world as they can, and to help others rise above the unnecessary and irrational behaviors of others that land at their feet.