Contract Hire: How Does It Work And What Can I Get?

by : Shaun Parker

Contract hire is a method of hiring a vehicle for a pre-determined amount of time. It allows the person hiring the vehicle to manage their finances effectively and as a result often enables them to afford to run a vehicle that they typically would not be able to buy. The added benefit of contract hire is that the person leasing the vehicle does not risk the depreciation or maintenance costs that are usually associated with purchasing a vehicle. So what types of vehicles are available and how much do they cost?

Mazda 3

The 1.6 TS 5Dr Hatch Mazda 3 is available for a deposit of 730 pounds with 240 pounds monthly charge. As with all rentals administrations fees are likely to apply so be sure to double check with your provider before you agree to their terms. The agreement with typically include the road fund licence as standard.

Seat Leon Stylance

The 1.9 TDI 5 door Seat Leon Stylance is a fantastic example of a stylish small car that will provide you with a classy compact vehicle whatever your needs. A 12 month contract hire will work out at around 220 pounds per month for up to 10,000 miles per year without maintenance cover. Other mileages are available for a bit more money.

Mercedes GL320

The 3.0CDi 5 door Mercedes GL320 Auto is a classic example of the benefits of car leasing over purchasing. A big chunky robust, yet stylish car the Mercedes GL320 brings you all the class you expect from a Mercedes along with the practicality of a large family car. Perfect for the businessman that wants quality, a good image and will utilise the vehicles spacious load capacity. Based on a 12 month deal you will need a deposit of 1500 pounds with 11 months regular instalments of 500 pounds.

The BMW 320D Coupe

Another fine example of what a car lease should entail. A deposit of 1020 pounds and 340 pounds per month will give you the car for 12 months. Complete with metallic paint and top of the range interior it provides the prestige and class associated with a saloon car at an affordable rate that you can account for. All of this and you don't have to worry about depreciation in the value of the vehicle as you would with a car you'd purchase.

The Special edition executive Mercedes E220 CDi

This car oozes class and will surely provide a positive image for you and your business. Perfect as a company car it offers luxury, performance and an image that represents quality. A 12 month business hire contract costs 1200 pounds deposit in the first month with the remaining 11 months each costing 400 pounds. As with most hire contracts there is likely to be a 10,000 pound mile per year limit within the price with additional maintenance cover available at extra charge.

The Nissan Navara

The double cab 2.5 Dci Outlaw Pickup Nissan Navara is as cool as twin cab pickups come. It recently featured in Bruce Willis' Die Hard 4.0 and has a robust, tough and adventurous image. It would certainly make an impact as a company car and would turn heads. Cheaper than the saloon alternatives it will set you back 900pounds for the deposit followed by 300 pounds per month over an 18 month contract.