Dont Get Fooled by the Car Dealer

by : full house

Amazingly, no matter what car the customer wants, it is always 'hot property', 'very sought after' and/or 'hard to find'. Moreover, it isn't a secret; we have all known it for years. Nevertheless, some of us still continue to be tricked into buying a motor vehicle we really don't want to buy, and at a higher price than we expected. So let's find out what some of the most favourite and sneaky tactics they get up to and put them in our diary so that we can refer to them when next buying a new car.

Almost every new car dealership will drop the initial price they have listed on a car for sale. However, what you must be wary of are the scams, pressure tactics, twists, and turns that motorcar salespeople have up their sleeves. It is in the showroom, when you are ready to finalise the deal, where you shall be worn down by these machinations, if you don't have your wits about you. This is when a great online site like comes in really handy. You can register, log in, search thousands of cars and refine your search by using the vehicle 'keyword search'.

Car dealers will never give you a direct or exact quote because if they do, they know you will go to another dealer and have them better the price. And to check on prices and search for motor vehicles online is a great way to save a lot of footwork. I recently found two sites, which had thousands of Australian cars for sale. At, you will find new and used cars for sale as well as dealer specials.

If you do leave the dealership and tell the dealer you will 'look around for other prices', the dealer will most likely ask you to come back once the 'best price' has been obtained. Don't be fooled by this because the dealer will then either match the price, or try to increase it slightly by taking advantage of the fact that you have had enough of shopping and are now really eager to buy the car. Smart and very familiar, this trick works very well for most dealers. It relies mainly on getting you, the customer to feel obliged to buy, because you have put the dealer to 'so much trouble'.

A smart salesperson will urge you to commit to buying the car you really want, even before you get the final price. This is irksome and exasperating for customers, but reasonable from a dealer's point of view. Now your car dealer has two choices: To give you a quote and watch you walk out the door, or entice you to negotiate. Perhaps you may be lucky when negotiating with the dealer; however, you may never know whether you have paid too much. If you feel uncomfortable about a car dealer, then go online at where you can check that this trader of motor cars in Victoria is licensed and has Licensed Motor Car Traders (LMCT) number.

Most auto classifieds online give a price, which you can work with, but a regular trick, which is frustrating and time consuming for customers is this. A dealership will identify one or two cars of a particular model. These will be the 'undesirable' cars. The problems are common and may be simple. For instance, 'the manufacture date is very old', 'the car has been in the showroom for a very long time', perhaps they are 'the least popular colour' and of course 'with no options'.

Next, the dealer will run a large advertising campaign based on these two cars, with the price ridiculously below cost. When the advertisement runs, the dealer waits for customers to flood through the doors. Of course, when they do arrive to get the best deal, they are usually told that the cars have been sold and are now waiting to be 'delivered' to the clients. Consequently, you will be invited to browse the showroom or customers are 'switched' to another car.

If you still insist on looking at the vehicle, if it is still on the floor, the salesperson just points out why this particular car is undesirable, and then persuades the customer to look at a better car, of course you will expect to pay more. To make sure you do not pay too much, log in to a site where you just register, log in, and search the thousands of vehicles available Australia wide. Not only can you search for a motor vehicle with a simple keyword search, but also when you are ready to sell a car you can use the free classifieds to do so.