Biodiesel Fuel

by : dennis james

Many consider biodiesel as the fuel of the future. It is hard not to have heard something about it, because more and more articles discuss its use. Biodiesel is mainly diesel that is not obtained by distilling oil, but from vegetable oil as well as some other sources.
The market is settled with diesel cars and the moment to change the crude oil based diesel to the one obtained from natural sources has come.

There are many advantages of using biodiesel for your car over the traditional fuel.
In the first place, a notable element is that biodiesel does not harm the environment. It is a lot cleaner to operate a biodiesel based car than a normal one, because the emissions are lower, and the traditional black smoke coming from oil-diesel is gone.

Another great benefit is that you can fuel your vehicle with biodiesel without having to perform any sort of complicated modifications to the engine. There are cases of people mixing biodiesel with traditional diesel fuel, and by doing this, they benefit from the new fuel's advantage very easily.

The price of biodiesel is a lot lower compared to other fuels. You can even make it on your own and if you have the proper things, you will not have to go to the gas station at all.

Another benefit of using biodiesel to operate your car is that it is also more efficient than traditional fuels. Its cetane cumber is in excess of 100, which will make your vehicle to easy cold start and have a lower noise at idle revs. (The cetane number represents the quality of a certain igniting fuel type and the higher the number, the more efficient that fuel is).

Biodiesel can also extend your engine's life. Because it has fewer impurities that traditional diesel fuels, it will not clog your filters that easily and in the same its lubricating properties are greater, protecting your engine. The power output of biodiesel will not be affected if you use it as the mainly source of power.

Producing these new fuels is cheaper and cleaner than drilling, refining and transporting traditional petrol diesel. Producing the same quantity of biodiesel compared to regular diesel will require less energy, thus making the entire process cleaner to the environment.

As the sources from which biodiesel is extracted (vegetable oil mostly) can be constantly regenerated compared to the hydrocarbon reserves the planet holds, it is a more viable option for the future. It also keeps the air cleaner, as it has lower polluting emissions.
That is why more and more countries in the world turn their attention to biodiesel fuels as a replacement for the ever growing prices of traditional fuels.
In Europe for example there are numerous biodiesel equipped stations already and their number continues to rise. More and more car manufacturers try to convert their new models to be able to take advantage of this new fuel.
Right now, biodiesel is the best substitute for traditional petrol-extracted diesel fuel.