Sports Cars With a Lot of Horses Under One Hood

by : Muna wa Wanjiru

For the avid sports cars enthusiast there's nothing more breathtaking and awe inspiring than coming face to face with their fantasies, seeing them in action and even better, catching a ride in them.

Unfortunately the more drool-worthy sports cars are beyond the price range of most of the population and fall more into the range of expensive cars. However, this doesn't make them any less of a sports car, just something that is God-like in status.

Sports cars for the most part come in many different makes and models, as well as coming in many different price ranges as evidenced by one of the most powerful sports cars ever to be made road worthy, the Bugatti Veyron.

Said to be the "fastest ever street-legal" car in the world this little baby is advertised as having 1001 horsepower. That's a lot of horses under one hood.

For those of you who don't know this, sports cars are high performance, high acceleration cars designed with precision handling in mind. This means that they should ideally be able to stop on a dime, as the saying goes.

Most true sports cars you will find are two door cars which are low slung and have a modicum of passenger room. All sports cars will also have a carriage design which is pleasing to the eye to say the least and which, in some cases, looks futuristic.

Such high conception sports cars can however be of the expensive type and out of the range for most people. The lower price-range sports cars however will have the same base features and functionality while losing out on some of their sleek looks and in some cases their horsepower.

For most people who dream of owning a sports car however, this is alright because what they really want is the joy of owning one of the sought after sports cars. This means that more and more makes of new sports cars are coming past the conception stage and reaching the light of day in the low- to mid-range consumer markets.

That's for the low- to mid-range sports cars, but what about the mid- to high-range sports cars. Where do they come into the picture? Right where they belong actually, in the center of the upper middle class echelons.

These car enthusiasts will not only be able to pay for the higher-end sports car models, they will also be able to afford the upkeep and the insurance payments as well! And what do all sports car enthusiasts of all levels do? They show off their sports cars and bask in the reflected glory of the sleek steel and power which they have the good fortune to own.