Get Safe on the Road

by : Mark Robinson

Anyone can give you 101 reasons why you need to stay safe, especially when you're in the road. Not only will it do you good financially (you don't have to pay hospital bills and you can lower your premium in your car insurance), but you are increasing your odds of staying alive or being out of danger.

Here are the best ways on how to get safe on the road:

1. Always be mindful of other cars and even pedestrians. A lot of drivers believe that they should simply mind their own car and allow others to adjust. That isn't the best way. Keep in mind that everything should be give and take. You should also be mindful of other cars that are around you and those pedestrians that are sometimes unmindful when they're crossing the streets. A good way to practice this is when you're in a shopping mall. Perhaps you're too preoccupied in looking for a good spot that you have forgotten that there's actually another car in front of you.

2. Don't talk on your cellular phone when you're on the road. There are already numerous cases of vehicular accidents where the driver was caught talking in his cellular phone. Especially when you're driving in a freeway, you can't afford to have someone disturb your concentration. The least thing that you can possibly do is to get your phone in loudspeaker so you can talk while your eyes are on the road. Better yet, inform your family members, friends, and workmates not to call you when you're driving. Otherwise, you won't be able to take their call.

3. Avoid eating when driving. Though it would be fun to be munching while you're on the road, but there are also costly disadvantages in this setup. First of all, it will take away your focus on the road. Second, there's a huge tendency that you're going to divert your eyes away from the street so you can pick up your favorite drink. Everything can happen in a split second, and before you know it, you're on your way for a dangerous car collision. If you're absolutely hungry, pull over and eat comfortably.

4. Remove the idea that you're a speed racer. Freeways and any other street, for that matter, are not one huge racing course where you have to beat other drivers. Don't even dare to think that you're trying to compete even if others make you feel that way. Once you do, you become irrational and lose your focus. Besides, there's no need for someone to tell you that it becomes very difficult for you to step on the brake when you're traveling at very fast speeds.

5. Stop when it's time to do so. Avoid yourself beating the red light, even if it means coming to an appointment or work few minutes late. First, if you meet an accident, it becomes your fault and you will likely have to pay for the damage you have caused. Second, you will be caught in speeding vehicles and there's more than 50 percent chance that you'll get hit. Third, you're in a big trouble with traffic laws.