Tips on How to Improve Car Gas Mileage

by : Muna wa Wanjiru

There are many factors that affect the mileage of a car positively or negatively. Some of these factors are uncontrollable while other factors are controllable by which we can get a considerable increase in the fuel efficiency of the car. But, there are many factors that are uncontrollable, that is you cannot change those factors or control those factors and they might have a negative impact on the fuel efficiency of your car. Nobody would want to waste his/her time on the uncontrollable factors, as they are obviously out of our hands. Hence, we had better move on to the controllable factors.
The following are some of the tips to change the fuel efficiency of your car:

* Use low-octane gas: You can always to choose to buy the lowest rated gasoline that is more appropriate to your car and in recommended by the manufacturer itself in the owner's manuals. Mostly the performance of your car depends on the engine and other interior parts, so filling up the car with the expensive fuel does not affect your car in the least. This will save your own money.

* Do not fill the tank completely: Topping off the tank of your car is of no use as most of the excess fuel is going to either seep out or slop around. Therefore, why waste money on the fuel that you are to going to use. This will save lots of money.

* Tighten up the tank cap: If you do not shut the tank cap tightly, then much of the gas is just going to vaporize. The total figures for the loss of gas due to damaged, loose or missing gas caps amount to around 150 million gallons. So be sure to tighten up the tank cap of the gas.

* Always go for the shade: Whenever you park your car in the sun or you are driving on a very hot day, then the inside of your car makes you feel like a sauna. However, unknown to you, the sun also drinks away the fuel from your gas tank. Do wherever you intend to stop, just go for the shade.

* Use your garage for your car: If you have a garage, then just clear it out for your car. You must always use the garage for parking your car. This will help your car to stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Thus, you will not need the thirsty air conditioner or the defroster whenever you drive.

* Inflate your tires regularly: Always inflate the tires of your car. Never drive the car on under inflated tires. This will drink up a lot of fuel as the car cannot take the proper acceleration. Your gas mileage can go down by as much as 23%.

* Keep your engine tuned: Always keep your engine tuned in so that the mileage of your car gets a boost by over 5%. So immediately, fix your car that us out of tune or has failed the performance tests. You must also keep a watch on the spark plugs. A misfiring spark plug can cost you more gas.