Why Pumping on your Stereo Song Deserves a Full Volume Treatment

by : Muna wa Wanjiru

Pumping on your Stereo is what many like to do. A good stereo system lets you pump all the way through. It is important to get the right kind of system to experience the best pumping on your stereo. Mini stereo systems are available in a number of sizes and price ranges. These range from the "boombox without a handle" to ones that have the functions of a full home theater. All types of systems can fit into any kind of decor and lifestyle. And component compatibility is something that you need not worry about. There are different types of mini systems to fit every configuration possible.

Broadly, they are classified as Hi-Fi, Mid-Fi and Low-Fi.

If you are looking at a mini system that would be your main audio system, units with real audio wattage (40-100 watts per channel) are to be looked out for along with speaker sound of good quality. There are systems having Dolby ProLogic(r) surround sound circuitry of a complete home theater, or is Dolby Digital-ready. Generally, hi-fi mini systems range from $400-$2,000. It purely depends on the features and quality of sound.

The most popular one is the Executive micro systems. These systems are very small having CD player and tuner set into a system that is styled nicely. It is mainly for places where moderate volume levels of quality sound are wanted.

If you are looking for mini systems to be put in children's rooms or as secondary systems, "mid-fi" ones which are available at a more economical price would be appropriate. Great sounding "mid-fi" systems with all the required features are available in the range of $200-400.

"Low-fi" mini-systems that are priced even lower are also available that play like a boom box when it comes to sound quality. Yet the features and flexibility to play both tapes and CDs are present in them and hence can be had a lot of fun with. Generally, these low-fi mini systems cost about $100.

"Pumping on your Stereo" is also the name of a song, an all-time hit. It was the first single released by the band, Supergrass. The album was titled 'Supergrass', after the band. It was released in 1999 and that year this song reached number 11 on the UK Singles Chart. The video of this song has been directed by Hammer & Tongs. This video features the heads of the band members on puppets.

This song became extremely popular in 1999. This popularity owes itself to the fact that the song was featured in the movie 'Road Trip'. Songs such as 'Pumping on your Stereo' are all time hits, which appeal to all. With its thumping beats and rhythm, this song was indeed one of Supergrass's biggest hits. The fact that it reached the number 11 spot on the UK Singles Chart brought more fame to Supergrass.

Thus, Supergrass's 'Pumping on your Stereo' is one of those great peppy and famous songs that sound really good when listened to on a quality stereo system.

Pumping on your Stereo - do you do it?