Mazda Reaches Milestone With the Demio

by : Anthony Fontanelle

Japanese automaker Mazda recently reached yet another milestone after it has produced the 100,000th Mazda Demio in Japan. The said vehicle is known as the Mazda2 outside of Japan. The milestone was reached in less than a year as domestic production of the Demio started only by the end of May last year.

The new Demio according to the automaker was designed to set the bar higher in its class. Being up against strong competition in its niche, the Demio was designed to rise above its competitors. The Japanese automaker created the new Demio to be a green car which is what consumers around the world are looking for.

The Demio is also equipped with a wide array of safety features addressing the need for safe vehicles. And of course, the design of the Mazda2 was improved as aesthetics is playing a big part in the decision of auto buyers when considering vehicles for purchase.

The new Demio already received eight awards in Japan. This just goes to show that the improvement made by the Japanese automaker on the Demio has made it a car to contend with in the compact car segment. One of the awards that the Demio already has under its belt is the 2008 RJC Car of the Year.

The Mazda2 is not only successful in Japan but also in other countries in the world. Outside Japan, the Mazda2 has received 23 awards one of which is the New Zealand Car of the Year. It also ranked second in the European Car of the Year award. The Mazda2 is the highest ranked Japanese car in the said awards.

The number of awards given to the Mazda2 just shows that it has been designed to appease both consumers and the media. One of the reasons for the Mazda2's success is that it has gone smaller and lighter without sacrificing interior space. The reduced weight of the new Mazda2 means that it has become more agile than its already responsive predecessor.

The lowered weight also means that it consumes less fuel than its predecessor. This translates to better fuel economy and reduced production of greenhouse gases which is the main contributor to global warming. Apart from being equipped with a gas miser powertrain and reliable auto parts such as the , the new Demio or Mazda2 also posted positive marks for safety. It received five stars for adult occupant protection in the European New Car Assessment Program last year.