For the Love of Cars

by : Anthony Fontanelle

Do you love your vehicle? Just how can you describe or define your love for your car? Would it be like that you feel for your mobile phone? Or love for a pet? Or love for a special human being?

The Auto Channel brings a report which indicated that a survey of respondents around the country was done by Jiffy Lube International. According to the results of the survey, respondents, who were vehicle owners and drivers, had disclosed that there is this special relationship that a driver has to their vehicle. And just how high this love can get, the study's results reflected that the affected can be quite similar as the affection that we give to the special people in our lives.

According to the survey, the respondents had shared that they were not bashful about saying out loud their affections and appreciation of their vehicle since most of these respondents do look at their cars as a partner. The results showed that out of the total lot of women surveyed, 48% said that they thank their vehicle for various reasons. 44% of the men also do such. 37% of the men and 30% of the women have given their compliments to their cars for being dependable units. Also, the results showed that some 27% men and 25% women gave their commendations to the vehicle because the unit looked good. Indeed, drivers may look at their vehicles as if they were human beings who had feelings.

The survey also continued to disclose that some 20% of the women respondents as well as 14% of the men lot had shared that they gave their vehicle a rub or a tap for being good cars. Also, the survey results reflected that people also do apologize for some "misdeeds" done. 28% women and 24% men had declared that they say sorry to their vehicles whenever they do something wrong like not being able to buy them a new , or when they accidentally go through a pothole, or when they miscalculate a curb.

Lisa Carlson is Jiffy's global director for marketing and she said, "Valentine's Day is about showing affection for our loved ones, but we shouldn't forget to also think about our vehicles. For most of us, our vehicles are far more than just another line-item on our list of assets. They are so integral to our daily lives because we constantly count on them to safely and dependably get us where we need to be. They deserve affection and attention too."