Get Yourself A Sites BRAIN Team

by : Max Clixel

You've probably heard about a "brain team". It's an idea that made many famous people rich. They all had a team. And a team had a brain. A brain of a whole team. What does it have to do with internet marketing?

So you have started to do some internet business. You need to make money of it. But all you have is some mediocre traffic, which doesn't make a lot of money. As I told you in previous articles - you have to do some massive action. But first of all - you need to know - what kind of action do you need to do.

Of course you can plan it yourself, but there is a better way. Contact some of your competitors, say "Hi" and talk to them about their business. Here is a most important question you should ask them: "Is there a way I can help you?"

Why should you do that?

First of all, when you are helping tons of your competitors - you learn what you should do to get yourself a better place.

Second, you get a team of people who owe you, because you helped them. It doesn't mean you have to cheat them and use them after that. You'll eventually get some tips, ideas and joint ventures from them.

Also, you'll get to know the most current news in your industry. You'll understand the most some of the most current ways your competition achieves results.

Eventually you'll see your competition linking to you. And sometimes you'll see them asking you for advice or asking for some joint efforts. So, you are now in the center of a whole team of the best in your industry. And what did you do to achieve that? Just helped them (or even just asked what can you do).

That might sound unusual to help your competition. But new age requires new approaches. But I can hardly call that a new way. It's just a new vision of an old marketing way. It's a kind of things spies used to get into trust of another country, another company, etc.

Helping pays off really much. You don't have to always to that, only at start and eventually later. But later you'll get so big thanks to ideas of your competition that helping them will not affect your business in any way.