Car Auctions: Savvy Guide to Buying Cars at Auctions

by : Alex Baumm

Gone are the days when you just look at the hood and assess the physical appearance of a repossessed car when you are aiming to buy at a car auction. You need to make further research into important factors about the used car you are eyeing.

If you want to eliminate this need, you should opt to buy a brand new car. A car auction is not the suitable place to buy such cars. Expect to find old, second hand and repossessed cars at any car auction event.

You need to be savvy enough if you are aiming to buy a good and reliable used car. It is not enough that the car you are eyeing looks good or its tag price is significantly higher compared to other used cars. You should be careful because some used cars put on sale at car auctions may be relatively expensive, but does that not mean the status and quality of the car is A-ok.

Here is a list of comprehensive and effective guidelines that you may observe to make your purchase really worthwhile.

1. Bring with you a mechanical expert so that you would have access to first-hand expert opinion. Check the car thoroughly. The engine and the overall condition should be in good status. Almost all car auction organizers make sure the used cars for sale at the their events are in reliable, if not superior, condition.

2. Before bidding, make sure you look at the given history of the car. Used cars that previously had been involved in any accident should be dubious and should not be priced too much because such cars may not function well and may be involved again at possible car incidences in the future.

3. Do not bid too much for any car. Bidding is necessary and is a common occurrence in every car auction. If a car is already priced too much because bidders are competing with each other, let the winning bidder have it. If it becomes expensive, it may not be a good deal.

4. Check the pedals. A simple tip for you: for used cars, pedals are not usually replaced or changed. Thus, you can determine and have a hint of the original condition of the car by looking at the pedals.

The paint and the exterior of the car may have been modified and repaired thoroughly to make the car look extravagant and almost new. But the pedals would give out the car's deepest, darkest secrets. Likewise, check the steering wheel. There should be no clunking noise if you try to jiggle back and forth the car's steering wheel.

5. Look closely at the frame. A frame-damaged used car indicates that the car has been involved in a major accident in the past.

6. When checking the paint on the exterior, run a finger into the edges. If there are rough spots, it may be an indication that there has been a major repair possibly from a major collision or crash. The roughness comes from residues from masking tape used during the repainting.

Most of all, rely on your intuition. Your overall feel and impression on a used car would certainly be the best reading. As you prepare to go to a car auction, remember to bear in mind: You are there to find and make the best deal.