Latest Mercedes Technologies

by : Kalin

Today of the age of mass media and information everything is progressing fast. The technology today could be way too old in just a few months. To keep things on track Mercedes offers new solutions every day. New ways to improve your way of driving and feeling into the car are implemented in every new model that goes to market.
First let's get a hint on what technology really means. If we ask Wikipedia - the biggest encyclopedia world knows today we will get the following: "Technology is a broad concept that deals with a species' usage and knowledge of tools and crafts, and how it affects a species' ability to control and adapt to its environment."
It is knowledge of tools and crafts. And this is what you will get for your Mercedes car - tools designed and crafted especially for your needs to make you feel better, to make you drive safer and to get your world into a new plane of existence.
Up until today Mercedes showed the world the capability to impress with precise, up-to-date parts with excellent quality. No matter if these parts are simple accessories, safety features or entertainment systems - Mercedes make them all to the best they could be in every moment.
Today the car is part of almost everyone's life. That's why many people today knows more about what they need and what they want from the next car they will drive. Buyers are giving feedback on the needs they have, on the quality they get, on the dreams that are floating into their minds.
Mercedes began reaching for everything buyers wanted starting from what is the most important aspect of these needs - safety systems. The manufacturer made even the fortune telling possible with advanced radar and cameras systems. Powerful mathematical systems analyses data provided by the radar and cameras and warn the driver about every possible danger that may occur as he drives.
For example S- and CL- class Mercedes cars are using radar-based system to detect drivers on the blind spot of the driver who are changing lanes. This system is called Blind Spot Assist and it is installed in the front and rear bumpers scanning for vehicles that are located in the blind spots where the driver could not normally see them. A warning system is telling the driver when there is a car on the blind spot giving the driver a way to react in a proper manner.
Keyless systems have been already used by other car manufacturers for Cadillac, Infinity and BMW models but Mercedes shows something pretty innovative. A credit card style system will replace the keys. It could be pretty cool to have just another card in your wallet which will be the way to enter and start your car. This is not made just to make your pocket lighter but for a better security because keys proven to be not very effective.
One very powerful tool is the highly improved navigation console system which will make your ride very effective and your final destination closer than you think. With a cool screen on the dash this system will give you the power of the global positioning satellite and some on board DVD's. A location will be easily checked and a direction to it will be shown for you. Hotels, hospitals and everything that you will need will be available for you. Maps and some pretty vital information will become your guide as you drive into an unknown area. This will make getting lost almost impossible because in every moment you could keep track on where you are and where you are going to.
Wi-Fi is a protocol for data transfer. This fine solution is implemented into almost every vehicle. It will provide information about weather, news and everything that is currently available in the region. This could be pretty entertaining too.
Many important parts of a Mercedes car are hooked up into a computer analyzing every condition they are facing and every reaction they are providing. This information is stored into the memory of the computer system and it could be easily transferred using a cellular phone or laptop. You could send this data to the manufacturer, to you personal mechanic or to anyone you choose. This enables for a perfect diagnostic to be made if it is necessary. Every problem could be solved even on-the-fly via a long-distance troubleshooting procedures.
One good way of importing new devices will be to use the new 40 volt electrical system. This will provide you with a way to use even more devices in your car. Of course keep in mind that every new device you hook up will require additional power which will cost you. However don't let that stopping you from using things you really need.
There is a voice prompt available for you too. This will literally enable you to "talk" to your car. It will not even mean that you are going crazy because a powerful artificial intelligence will analyze your voice and make the proper adjustments you require. For example picking a radio station will be very easy for you. You will only need to tell the system that you want a radio and the station you want to listen to. It could be pretty fun but try not to call it Tracy, Vicky or in any other female name while you are talking to your wife on the phone.
Electrically controlled pedals are available for some time now in many Mercedes vehicles. The force you apply to the pedal will not mechanically set the brakes or accelerator on motion. It will only send a signal that a motion is required. This enables the action to occur quickly. This could safe you time when every second counts. For example you will be able to use the breaks in the moment you push the pedal which in many situations could be extremely important.
Some programmable Mercedes vehicles are available too. They use electronics to adjust the Mercedes car to the needs of the driver. For example lowering or raising ground clearance could be made easily. This enables the driver to pick the right choice for him.