Free Fuel From Water - Oh Come On!

by : Michael Littles

Did you know that you can convert your car or truck to a water-burning Hybrid? Your very first reaction should be a good-ole, Yeah - Right!

The amazing thing about this old technology that is now the new black, so to speak, is the fact that there are over 10,000 satisfied people who are driving water hybrid cars as week speak.

I didn't stutter, I said over 10,000 water hybrid cars are already on the byways and highways across America and around the world. Right about now you should be muttering, "How can that be? How in the world can you put water in your gas tank without utterly running the engine?"

It's a fair question and I should know because I asked questions similar to that to. The only difference is I asked those questions over a decade ago when I was first introduced to this Water for Fuel concept, but there was a problem that came with asking those types of questions back then.

You came across text books about the size of mountains and all types of technical words that didn't even seem to belong in a Webster's Dictionary, but questions like that need and demand answers.

A decade ago it took some pretty powerful digging to find exactly what these mad scientists meant when they talked about using water for fuel. Today I can sum it up so you better understand in an article. So here's how it works...

Now, I can't explain it ALL in one article, but good for you there is a whole lot more information available on the World Wide Web about how this process works and you'll just have to go read about for yourself.

One thing I can promise you is that it is very exciting and even more interesting. That said, let me give you the "skinny" about how Water for Fuel works:

Water is made up of H2O, as we all know. However, what you may not know is that it is a very simple process to breakdown those molecules. It takes as little as 12volts of electricity and that process creates HHO which is Hydrogen Gas.

From that point forward forget everything you know about water, what it does, how it affects engines, forget it all, because in one 12 volt surge everything is changed!

The molecules of the water rearrange to become HHO instead of H2O and that makes it a very potent gas that you can used to fuel many types of engines, including your car or truck.

So what's the big deal?

This Hydrogen Gas that was taken from regular tap-water burns cleaner and far more efficient than gasoline or Diesel. It is easier on your car's engine so your vehicle will last longer. Best of all it's a cheap fuel. How cheap?

A Quart of water can produce over 1800 gallons of usable Hydrogen Fuel and that is the fuel that your car or truck can use in mixture with your normal Fossil Fuel. Well, this simple and affordable little process can save you upwards of 35% to 50% on your fuel costs.

Like I said, that's the short end of how Water for Fuel works. I invite you to check further into other alternative fuels such as Ethanol as well as Hydrogen Fuel. The world is changing. Don't be left behind.