Can You Run a Car on Water?

by : Peter White

Strange as it may seem, the answer to our question, can you run a car on water, is yes, as the technology to do this has been available for a number of years, although it has always been talked down by the major oil companies for obvious reasons. However this article is not about can you run a car on water, alone, but about can you run a car on water, mixed with gasoline or diesel.

Now I can already hear the howls of disbelief, as gas or diesel contaminated with water is a driver's worst nightmare. So how can you run a car on water, mixed with these fuels?

To explain further, we are not talking here about water in the form that you would drink it. What we are talking about is a way of breaking down water into its constituent parts.

To really answer our question can you run a car on water, you have to understand that water, or H2O consists of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom, (remember your school science lessons). To break it down into these parts, you simply use a small amount of power from your car's battery, which turns it into a gas known as "hydroxy" or Brown's Gas.

This gas has been known about for a long time and because it burns at such a high temperature has been used in welding as a safer alternative to oxy-acetylene, and the question of can you run a car on water seemed a natural one to ask. In fact there have recently been demonstrations of charging mobile phones and laptops with water powered chargers, so the technology is not as oddball as it may first appear.

Hydroxy can be used very efficiently as an alternative to gas or diesel, so therefore it is possible that this is part of the answer to can you run a car on water, although the technology for running purely on water still needs a bit of working on before it is totally viable. However, it is also a very efficient additive in a mix with gasoline or diesel. A quart of water will give you about 1800 gallons of hydroxy, so you can start to see the savings that you will be making when you think about can you run a car on water, mixed with liquid fuel.

In view of the flammability of this gas you may be worried about the safety aspect when you are asking yourself can you run a car on water. The great thing with this method is that the gas is extracted from the water steadily as it is needed, so there is absolutely no need for storage of the highly flammable hydrogen part of the gas.

Can you run a car on water easily. The answer to this is once again yes, as setting it up on your car is so simple, even a novice can do it without too much difficulty, and the great thing is that if you happen not to want it, it's completely reversible. That way it also doesn't affect your car's warranty!

So our final answer to the question can you run a car on water and gasoline mix shows that there are several "green" benefits to it. Use of an increasingly scarce fossil fuel resource will be cut dramatically, and emissions are a lot cleaner as most if them will consist of water.

Finally, think of the savings to your fuel bill!!