Do You Drink, Take Drugs and Drive?

by : Ronnie Maurillo

People who are under the influence of alcohol believe that they can control and handle automobile very well under any circumstances. This is just not the case. Alcohol is a drug that affects your skills, moods, and behaviour. Once it has been consumed, the effects of alcohol on your driving cannot be reversed. The only thing that will sober you up is time. Other drugs also impair your driving and we will look at these later.

Driving on the road is an enormous responsibility. Having a reliable car to drive which is equipped with common safety features is also a must, not just to keep you safe, but to ensure your family's security. To check the safety of your car on the road, go online to, and look at the newest statistics. When you have found out how your car stands up, then your next stop should be where you can join, and search for your new family cars in their many pages of car classifieds. You will find thousands of cars for sale Australia-wide and at the same time, you can advertise your car for sale in the free classified pages.

You may have the safest vehicle on the road, full of all the newest features and customized to your particular specifications. Nevertheless, you could still become a fatality, a statistic. Furthermore, if you are lucky enough to survive a crash because of all the pre-cautionary measures you may have taken, you still could be the cause of fatalities to other road users.

Driving while intoxicated is taking a big risk. I want you to really think about it. There are so many automobile accidents that involve sober drivers, so what chance do you have in a drunken stupor at the wheel while intoxicated. Leave the car keys at home, if you are going out for a drink with friends, or better still have a designated driver who is a non-drinker. You will enjoy the evening better - not having to worry about taking chances.