Defensive Driving: What Does It Mean?

by : Alex Baumm

Unfortunately, more and more drivers don't want to become defensive drivers nowadays which increases chances of accidents related to driving and cars. This is something not only confined in a single locality, community, state or country as this is rather a global phenomenon.

Driving should be something fun and safe and not scary and dangerous if we only practice simple things relating to defensive driving. These things are not so hard to do as they are merely matters of routine and discipline. Defensive driving is a matter of practice too as with other skills we acquire.

So, what basically is defensive driving?
Defensive driving is driving characterized by prudence, diligence and reasonable cautiousness with the goal of making the road a safe place not only for a defensive driver but for other people, as well.

It will not take an Einstein to realize the significance of defensive and driving and it will not also take a Newton to be a defensive driver. This is because for the most part defensive driving is common sense put into practice.

So here are some tips you can remember so that you become defensive drivers without need of spending money to attend a driving school.

1. Follow traffic rules. This is perhaps the most basic but the most neglected of all. Make sure you observe traffic rules like no overtaking, no over speeding whatsoever because they will not be made as rules as such if there is no wisdom behind them.

2. Be aware of traffic signs and symbols. If there is a sharp curve symbol make sure you follow the idea behind the sign - slow down and do not overtake even if the urge is almost uncontrollable.

3. Be aware of the other driver and maintain proper distance. It is almost absolute that we are not aware of the kind of person the driver of the other auto is.

So, just to be certain that we don't get in trouble we should always maintain enough distance from the auto in front that if the driver suddenly steps on the brake without signaling that intention first, you can have the sufficient opportunity to avoid any accident.

4. Check your car before you use it. Check if the brakes are properly working. Check if the engine is in good condition.

5. Observe proper speed especially in superhighways.
These are some things you can bear in mind every time you drive. They are simple things that can make you a defensive driver.

With the increase in number of cars falling in line every day on our major roads, the complexity there is in driving is also aggravated. The need to make ourselves skillful particularly on defensive driving techniques becomes even more evident and necessary.

In order to mitigate the tendency of suffering from vehicular accidents, we should always make certain that we keep in mind these defensive driving tips.
Driving indeed need not be that risky and dangerous we only have to practice defensive driving and we can be assured that our experience on the road will be much more fun than ever.