How To Increase Your Gas Mileage By Taking Care Of Your Tires

by : Gregg Hall

You should know how to take care of your tires and rims properly when you are an every day driver. You should know how to take care of them without having to need help when you need to change a tire.

Every driver that is driving should know or know how to have their tires properly inflated. You should always have your tires inflated to where they are needed if not then you will lose gas mileage as up to 0.4 for every pound that you are losing. So if you are not keeping your tires inflated the right way then you are going to be losing gas and that isn't cool at all. You will want to be getting everything out of the gas that you have to pay for with your own hard earned money. Even though it may be tough to keep up with everything that your car needs done you should at least be able to keep up with tire pressure.

You should also take good care of your tires in the winter because they will lose 1 pound of pressure for every drop of 10 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. Even though it may be cold out you still should take care of tires if you want them to still work after winter. You should always want to take good care of your car so that you get the best and most out of what you paid for. You paid a lot of money for your car so you want to take good care of its feet. You might even want to buy it some nice feet so it looks good and doesn't look bad after winter. That should be your present for taking care of the tires you have all winter is getting a new pair in the summer.

Properly rotating your tires is good too you will never want to ride too long on a worn out tire. Even though it might not sound that bad it is bad if you are always riding on those tires. You should just have your front ones rotated to the back or vice versa. Whatever drive that your car is you need to take the tires from the drives that are not spinning and if you have all wheel drive then you should just buy new tires every year. Even though I do not know much about tires I do know that if you just have 2 wheel drive either front or rear you need to swap them out after 6 months of driving on them. If you do not want to switch them then you should just buy new tires and while you are at it just buy new rims as well.