Paris Hilton and Marketing

by : Christopher Kyalo

Are you Paris Hilton? Is your name instantly recognizable when mentioned anywhere in the world? Is your name always at the top of search engine’s most popular key word lists? Are people bound to react at the mere mention of your name anywhere? Are you Paris Hilton?


Then why do you market online as if you were Paris Hilton? Why do you use intrusive, annoying pop up ads (even as software to stop pop up ads continues to get so popular.)?

In fact I find all online advertisements intrusions of sorts (except those about Paris Hilton), the Internet is just not a medium designed to carry advertising. There is only one effective way to market online and it’s free (more on that later in this article.)

Despite rapidly dropping online ad rates and despite online ads repeatedly failing to show results, the world is still not convinced about this fact. Folks are still desperate to lose a few more billions marketing online before the truth finally sinks in, if it ever will.

Even when it is clear that offline advertising and promotion has the greatest chance of creating online success, many online entrepreneurs seem to have missed the point. By the way, even Paris Hilton did all her major “promotions" offline to have gotten this popular online.

So which is the only effective way to market online?

It’s by posting free articles loaded with valuable free information.

Use the resource box at the bottom of the article to tell us who the hell you are and why I need to know about your miserable existence. Remember I’m only human, the only people I want to know are those who’ll benefit MY existence.

Tell me who you are in an interesting article that is targeted directly at ME and that will have some valuable useful free information for ME. Then your article must tell me what I will gain from knowing you or your business.

That’s really it. Just package all this into some interesting article, post it on a couple of sites, free of course, and you will have unleashed the most powerful promotional campaign on the Internet. It works. I know because it has worked for me.

I once tried advertising on the net. It never worked for me. These days all I do is write a really interesting article occasionally. The result is that now, my greatest fear is getting more clients than my business can handle, which has already happened once ( I wrote a really nice article about why free articles posted on certain web sites are so effective as ads online. You can read the article at this link: Or this one:

So I took some precautions to make sure that I never get overwhelmed by responses from my articles again.

If you have a web site that you want to promote or have anything that you are selling online, put away your check book and credit cards. You don’t need them to get traffic to your site or to sell whatever it is that you are selling. This is no theory and it’s not hype, I do it myself every day. Hey, I’m not Paris Hilton you know.

By the way anybody with some latest info on her? Any info!