Audi Contract Hire - Know the Facts!

by : Darrell F

Whether you are seeking to purchase an Audi for yourself or are merely seeking to lease one for a while, the competition for this in-demand vehicle assures you great savings on your final automotive deal. There are many styles of Audi to choose from. Whether looking for a sporty convertible or a five-door family transport vehicle, Audi provides a wide range of choices for the discerning driver.

The usual Audi car leasing contract is twenty-four months, although a few of the deluxe models have thirty-six month minimums. With the price ranges starting at under ?200 per month to lease a new Audi, there are good economic reasons to contract hire your new car rather than purchase it outright.

With the usual Audi contract hire, the cost of maintenance and repair can be included in the overall package price. When obtained for your business, the leased Audi can have a good portion of its contract cost offset as a business expense on your taxes. A V.A.T. registered business can recoup up to 50% of the V.A.T. fee written off this way. At the end of the contract period you have the option of obtaining a new vehicle or setting up a purchase agreement and make the Audi you are familiar with totally your own.

There are a few differences between the Audi car leasing and the contract hire. While the primary interest in leasing is to be able to trade the car back for a new one at the end of the contract period, the hire purchase is designed with taking ownership of the vehicle in the end. While the lease contract can be for two or three years, the hire contract usually ranges between one and five years. With a hire contract, the vehicle is listed as an asset on your taxes but can be written off for 25% or ?3000, which is the maximum annual allowance.

There are several insurance options you can choose between when you lease or hire your new Audi. There are low priced "unemployment insurance' that covers the cost of maintaining your financial obligation in the even you are put off work through no fault or desire of your own. There are accident and sickness policies that cover your financial burden for the vehicle lease in the event of injury or illness that prevents you from working. The super kit will contain both these types of insurance coverage.

With these options available, your business can more easily afford to increase your public image with the use of such success-oriented vehicles at your command with Audi leasing. Whether leased, contract hired or contracted to become a permanent asset for your business, your Audi contract hire deal will increase your customer's image of your business as a successful enterprise.