Enjoying a Camp With a Rv

by : dennis james

More and more people are choosing recreational vehicles to satisfy their desire to spend more time outside the city.

If you like going outside the urban area in the weekends, to spend your holidays in the middle of the nature, to enjoy a camp or just to travel from city to city in an across the country holiday, a recreational vehicle is the perfect solution for you.

What makes a recreational vehicle special and different compared to other cars is that a RV (or recreational vehicle) represents an enclosed car that can be used as a car and as a mobile home in the same time.

Most of them are used by families for holidays, but there are people that actually live in RVs. While they do not offer the most luxurious conditions in the world, buying a recreational vehicle for spending your holidays is a way cheaper solution that staying at different hotels. And while you always have a place to live, you can also benefit from the RV's mobility and chose where and when to go. No other vehicle will offer you greater freedom than a recreational vehicle (RV).

The market for RVs is very wide and there are many models to choose from. The recreational vehicles themselves are divided in several classes, based on their size and functionality.

There are three main categories of RVs: cars belonging to the A class, B and C class of recreational vehicles. The class A RVs are also refereed to as the luxury caravans as they offer the largest amount of space and incomparable comfort levels. Most class A recreational vehicles are built on truck or bus chassis, ensuring great car body strength and a lot, a lot of personal space.

RVs belonging to the A RV class are also the most expensive and you should only buy one if you have a very large family and you all travel together in the same time. However, because A class recreational vehicles are so large, it is very hard to navigate such a vehicle throughout cities and they are very hard to park and travel in reverse. They are only meant to travel on country roads and to be parked in camping areas where the available space allows it.

The next class of recreational vehicles is the B class. A B class RV is usually a van that has had a series of modifications to be converted into a recreational vehicle. While not offering the same amount of space and comfort levels as an A class RV, a B class is more convenient to drive, to park and to maintain. Its initial price is lower and the maintaining prices are also less than larger RVs.

Recreational vehicles belonging to the C class are situated somewhere in between the A class RVs and the B class RVs. They are also built on small truck chassis like the A class recreational vehicles, but they are somewhat smaller in dimensions. They only have a car-like front, but the entire back of the C class RV is taken by the living area. If you want to buy a recreational vehicle and you are not satisfied with the amount of space offered by B class RVs, then a C class RV is the perfect solution for you.

A C class recreational vehicle is considered the best compromise between the facilities offered and the need for space of a modern family during their holidays and the costs of ownership and comfort in driving.