Shake, Rattle, and Roll

by : Tina Rideout

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Google, Yahoo, and Msn

Does everyone have their dancing shoes on??


Google started shaking things up earlier this summer when they went Public.

This is of little importance to the average webmaster, unless of course you are an investor.

Google took it’s time updating and ranking new and old sites during this time period, which had the webmasters whispering and scratching their heads.

Google did finally start dancing again, but with no apparent new dance steps being noticed.


Yahoo joined the dance floor with its new Partner Overture.

The result has been sites which had good status on the Yahoo Search Engine have danced off into Cyberspace. Noticeably being replaced by sites with less significant value, as far as content and longevity.

Again whispers of a new algorithms. The masters are feverishly trying to out boogie the inventors.

Msn, sat on the sidelines, watching the dancers and analyzing their moves. Like a slow easy Fox Trot.

Move over Google and Yahoo, we got the rhythm and we will give you the Blues.

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The question at hand is how does the little guy get an invitation to the dance?

Learn the dance.