Vw- the Latest Indian Luxury

by : carazoo.com

The Passat is the latest model in the VW's range and was launched exactly a year ago at the Geneva show. Built on the new B6 platform, it is generation ahead of its immediate rival in India, the Skoda Superb that uses the earlier Passat's B5 platform.

There are e two versions of the Passat, both diesels, powered by four cylinder TDi 2.0 liter Highline engines. Maximum power will be 103 kW (140 BHP) and torque of 320 Nm at 1750-2500 RPM. Top speed claimed for the Volkswagen Passat versions in India is 209 kmph, while the car would reach 0-100 kmph in 9.8 seconds. It is also an acknowledgement to the realities in India that VW has launched the car without a petrol version to begin with.

The styling is good start and unlike the conservative approach of the earlier Passat, the new one looks more interesting as well as attractive. Talking about the interiors, they have a classy look something we have come to expect from the cars wearing the VW badge. The amazing plastic quality, the damped feel of switches, even the open and shut boasts of its superb quality builds. There is loads of space with ample head, leg and shoulder room and the large overhang creates 565 liters of luggage space.

The leather-covered multi-function steering wheel features an operating facility for gear-change, multi-function display and radio. Shift paddles enable you to operate the 6-speed automatic DSG gearbox without taking your hands off. This Volkswagen spoils you with the optional 12-way seat adjustment system with enhanced sitting comfort. It allows you to adjust the longitudinal position, seat height, as well as seat and backrest angle. To make your drive more romantic, there is Sliding/tilting glass roof that is operated via rotary switch in the headlining. An integral positioning option can be set to control how far the roof is to be opened or tilted. When the roof is open, a wind deflector automatically extends to reduce buffeting and a blind prevents the sunlight from hurting your eyes.

It does not lag behind in terms of safety too. Passat achieved the top five rating for the occupant protection in the Euro NCAP crash test. With a whole range of new generation safety features the Passat provides the highest level of safety possible. The body of the Passat is formed from specially hardened components which have high strength and excellent shaping characteristics. Thanks to the latest lightweight construction technology, the body also offers optimal protection under heavy impact.