Spacious Cars Offering High Level of Comfort and Safety

by : Gregory Smyth

Spacious cars not only offer comfort, sophistication and glamour, but also safety. Big cars not only accommodate more people inside and provide more head and leg space for the commuters, but also guarantee stability and safety. Cars that come with enough head and leg room also have the best of security features like safety airbag, which provide additional security in the event of a crash.

* Low Centre of Gravity Guarantees Stability

The bigger size of spacious cars guarantee low centre of gravity - a proposition which prevents the car from tipping while going past curves. The risk of tipping while taking fast turns is comparatively lower for spacious cars. Also in the event of a crash, the bigger cars don't easily get thrown away. The weight of the vehicle is on its side, ensuring safety for the commuters.

* A few Spacious Cars Offering High Level of Comfort and Safety

The cars that guarantee maximum space for front passengers include Nissan Maxima, Lexus LS 430, Lincoln Town Car, Audi A8, Infiniti Q45, Chevrolet Impala, etc. These cars come with spacious interiors, ensuring enough head, hip and leg room. They are not necessarily the biggest or the priciest cars. Lots of interior space is everyone's requirement, even while they buy a small car.

* Standard Car Safety Features

Other features that guarantee safety of the passengers include crumple zones, strong passenger compartment, seat belts, air bags, head rest, etc. Side impact protection can be guaranteed by internal padding, strong doors and side beams. Recent models of vehicles also come with side airbags, which provide protection against severe injury while side impact or crashes.

* Crash Avoidance Features

There are also advanced safety measures like antilock braking systems (ABS), Active Braking Systems, Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA), electronic stability control (ESC), traction control systems, etc. Some of these systems are computer controlled systems, which guarantee stability and control while performing evasive manoeuvring and in conditions like slippery road.

* Crash Protection Features

Spacious cars also come with adjustable seats and steering wheels. These are standard features of any car today. Automatic transmission, electrically adjustable mirrors, etc are other features aimed at enhanced safety of drivers and passengers. These features are aimed at minimising the risk of a fatal injury in the event of a crash or rollover.

* Car Safety Ratings

In the US, car safety tests are conducted by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In Australia, The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) and Used Car Safety Ratings (UCSR) are the safety ratings. In both cases, cars are subjected to frontal and side collision tests. They publish the results, which the car manufacturers use in their advertisements.

In the US, it is a five-star rating system. In Australia, it is a points-based test, with 37 points the highest safety rating. The test results are published in the respective websites for easy access by car buying public. Thus you can easily find the safest cars by simply checking the safety tests by the authorities.

* The Advantage of Spacious Cars

New car tests and historical data of road accidents suggest big cars with spacious interiors and enough safety features ensure protection against fatal injuries to the occupants, even in case of big collisions. The spacious cars ensure better visibility for the drivers, around the car and can be better prepared against frontal and side collisions.

The big cars also come with the best of collision avoidance and collision protection features, which minimise the risk of collisions and in the event of a collision, the vehicle absorbs the impact and doesn't pass it on to the passengers. Thus, it can ensure higher levels of security than the cars that don't come with the safety features.

The big cars also come with another advantage. It is easier for other drivers to spot a big vehicle, than it is to spot a smaller vehicle. Make sure the vehicle has coloured lights at the right areas to ensure easy visibility at night. Thus, big size is not just about status symbol, but also about ensuring your safety on road.

Road safety is the sum total of several different factors. Road conditions, driver's concentration on road conditions, the safety features of the car, etc are the first things that come to mind. Add to that, the size of the vehicle and the comfort of the passengers. Thus spacious cars offering high level of comfort and safety is not that difficult to find. You find the best driving experience and safe journeys, EVERY time.