American Car Manufacturers are Stubborn to Change

by : Thomas Rosquin

They remind me of the big dumb jock from high school.....he was good for something at one point in time....but now that a few years have passed....what good is he?

Recently published a story about the top 10 most efficient 4-door cars available. They ranked the cars based on EPA fuel economy numbers. And would you guess that not one car from an American manufacturer made the list!

With gas prices on the never-ending's clear that foreign automakers have their finger on the pulse of the car buying world.

Do American car companies just not care about what consumers want?

We do know that there are domestic hybrids out there......such as: the Ford Escape, Saturn Vue, and Chevy Silverado. But these are not cars at all!!!!!! They are SUV's and Trucks. It seems that American car makers have decided to take aim at areas outside the hybrid car market.

So the Japanese have such a stranglehold on the hybrid car market, and the big American manufacturers won't even give it a try. Actually Saturn does have Aura and that's about it!! But now there is hope on the horizon.....

The Chevy Malibu Hybrid is coming out late this year. Horary for all you Bow Tie fans out there. But wait....just how good is the Malibu Hybrid....well according to the EPA; 27 MPG is the average you can expect to get out of this car. That is absolutely Nissan Sentra which is 8 years old, tops that number by 3 MPG and I don't even practice gas saving driving.

But what about Ford all the Blue Oval fans out there shout? Nope...sorry...Ford doesn't make a hybrid car. But the Escape hybrid SUV gets 32 MPG which is still better than the Malibu hybrid.

So 9 out of the 10 most fuel efficient sedans come from Japanese auto makers. The tenth comes from Kia. Kia......a company that is tiny compared to the big American Automakers. The future does not look good for domestic vehicles.

Of course the reigning champions are still there.....the Civic hybrid, the Prius hybrid, and the Camry hybrid are all on the list. The interesting thing is that 6 of the 10 most fuel efficient 4 door cars are not hybrids at all. They are small gasoline powered cars such as the Corolla.

Fuel Efficient Sedans.......Not A Domestic Insight!!!!!

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