Fiat With Its New Launch in India

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It is the comeback, re-launch and revamp time of Indian car industry. Indian car market is in the pink of its health, and Fiat being one the earlier brands, realized its potential as a future market and making a return with 500 and Bravo hatchbacks and sedan Linea this year.

A cheeky comeback: Fiat 500 or known as cinquecento is apart from being Italy's national icon is re-launched after 50 years. Fiat can expect many to flaunt the car as their style statement in India after its launch. Sources say the latent clientele of the car will comprise of film stars and page-3 celebrities of India.

There is a flip side to Fiat not assembling its new cars in India, the fact that it would import from Italy would lead to a high price. But as said earlier, the aim of the come is not to make profit, but to create the lost impact of Fiat, which it cherished in Indian car lovers many years back. Though, it already made us its presence felt with Grande Punto and Linea, it's time for the Italian car maker to make its presence aggressive.

The car designer in 'you': It gives you a liberty to customize the car, by selecting from a range of three engines and over a hundred accessories. Fiat left nothing to ensure its safety with seven airbags and top-class five-star Euro NCAP crash rating. The car's going to cost you Rs. 10 to Rs 15 lakh after taxes and import duties. Not a bad deal actually!

If 500 is to make its presence felt in your heart, Bravo will make its presence felt on road. The car skillfully combines a compact five-door body with a great interior roominess: it is 434 centimeters long, 179 cm wide and 149 cm high. And how will it take on Indian roads? The lively car is expected to be entertaining for all drives with wide choice of engines, which include the popular turbo diesel 1.9 Multijet (120 and 150 bhp), the 90 bhp 1.4, and a new family of turbocharged T-JET petrol engines (120 and 150 bhp 1.4 Turbo).

However, none of the auto experts have predicted about the tall claims of Fiat regarding the comeback, it may or may not manage to get its lost grip, we'll see in time.