Proper Vehicle Maintenance = Better Mpg... Oh Big Shocker!!!

by : Thomas Rosquin

I'm sure you have heard all the ways to get better fuel economy out of your car.? And this may come as no shock to you...but by following these 4 easy steps you could gain up to 15% better MPG.

1)????? Tires - when I see the people driving on the freeways with almost flat tires; 2 things come to my mind......first of all how dangerous is that? I mean the tires are the only thing between you and the road and ignoring them is like playing with dynamite.? But really I wonder how much gas they are wasting; sure keeping them properly inflated will add 3% to you fuel economy and that is like saving 11 cents per gallon at the pump.

2)????? Air Filter - the air that goes into a car is very dirty.? Your air filter protects the engine from hazardous particles.? And by not replacing the air cleaner when it is need, you could be wasting up to 10% of your fuel economy....or 35 cents per gallon at the pump.

3)????? Tune up - a car that is not running in tip top condition is at risk for a terrible fuel economy.? The check engine light is a great sign that your car is in need of some serious help.? Something like a faulty sensor can cause you to love valuable MPG. This could cause up to a 4% effect on fuel economy which translates to 14 cents at the pump.

4)????? Oil - using the correct weight of oil that your engine is designed to run on is very important on you MPG.? Although it does not make as big a difference as keeping your tires properly inflated....why make your engine work harder by putting in the wrong oil??

So remember to check your tires every week, and get that tune-up when it comes time.? Proper vehicle maintenance will not only keep your car running at its most optimum state, but it will also keep you safer on the road.