How to Care Your Car?

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Most of who own a car faces a lot of issues related to car maintenance. There are certain key points that have to be kept in mind while using your car. These tips or information as you can call it as is the basic and the simple ones but cannot be ignored and left unattended. The most common problem one face is during the fuel filling, either you will be too busy go to the petrol station or the station will be crowded and the only option you see is to send someone else to buy petrol in a can, but how are you going to pour with as the neck of the bottle is tilted and the petrol spills all over. The solution is easy either have funnel in your car trunk or make one yourself using empty PET bottle - mineral water, cold drink,? slice off the bottom and you can use as funnel.

Key issue

Busy lifestyles and schedules can sometimes makes us absentminded and we accidentally leave the car keys inside the car and the best solution is to have a spare key always with you that will help you come out of this mess.

Filler caps

Fuel filler caps often tend to lose and are difficult to replace. There are some cars with an attachment for the lid, but if it not then you can always have a plastic strap or thin chain connected to the cap and attach the other end to the lid.

Paste it
Due to rough or uneven or worn wipers, the windscreens have dull marks and even scratches. We use various solutions available in the market to remove these stains but it does not clear completely. There is home remedy that can be used: take a clean soft cloth and apply some toothpaste and spread mildly with light circular motions and then rinse it off. This will give you a clean windshield.

While driving if you come across any squeaky sound, you do not have to rush to the mechanic immediately. You can repair it yourself. For small quantity of oil, the engine oil dipstick is a great source. But make sure that the dipstick is clean before it is placed back.

Take It Off

Indian roads are always engaged with constant repairs and patchworks and there are chances of coal tar getting stuck to the tires and later throwing them to vehicles lower panels. It can damage the paint and the easy way to remove it to use a solution called WD-40.

Quick Fix

Some? times the air-conditioner or the fan? start to irritating sounds and if the sound is too annoying then switch of the engine, open the hood and pour some soft drink over the belt, making the belt sticky, stopping from slipping for a while.? And later the belt can be replaced.

Better grip
Flat tires come with out any notice at the wrong time and wrong place. And if it on a soft or rough surface, then there you have a problem as the jack will slip on the soft or uneven surfaces. Use of a wooden plank can be of great help, providing it a solid and smoother surface for better grip.

Tubeless tires
Most of the car makers come with the tubeless tires? in India but the repair facilities very limited and almost unheard of on most highways. Take the tire off the wheel by a mechanic or the and remove the nail or the object from the tire and cut off the fixed rubber nozzle or tire slip in the tube and inflate it like its done on regular tube tires.

A good driving style can help you save the fuel as well as increase the mileage. This will not only increase the life of your car but will also give you a good resale value.