Water4gas Ebook

by : Sergey

Fuel prices go up every day. But why should we pay our hard-earned money for it? Is there any solution of this problem, is there a way to increase gas mileage or somehow save money on fuel costs. Well, there is. Inventors from the USA have finally invented a special technology which is installed into your car and allows you to use hydrogen produced from water to increase your gas mileage. In this article I will tell you more about this amazing technology, it's advantages and disadvantages.

You might have already heard that it is possible to run your car on water. Well, that's not true. If you will run your car on water instead of gas you will simply brake your car. However it is possible to run your car with water. And this is a big difference. As mentioned above, the technology installed into your car converts water into hydrogen which is also known as brown gas or HHO. It can be used with gas to increase mileage, stop emissions and reduce engine temperature.
This DIY (Do it yourself) technology is very simple and all material could be easily found in local shop. You don't even need any special knowledge to install it into your car. Even my granny would be able to do it in couple of hours using step by step instructions, blueprints and video lessons.

There are many similar systems on the internet, they are all based on the same idea. However some of them is a piece of crap. If you don't want to be scammed we recommend you to visit the site below to find out more about this technology and watch videos about it.