So Why Are Banks Giving Away Free Gasoline?

by : Michael Littles

The soaring fuel prices have triggered a massive surge in free gasoline promotions by banks and credit card providers that are way too good to pass up. Major Banks and credit card companies are now using free gasoline to entice us to use their products or services. They are offering free gasoline if you'll just walk through their door in a number of instances.

Most of us are wasting time looking for cheap gasoline stations instead of looking for free gasoline source . . . Which is a giant error. What you should do is instead of shopping for gas stations that may sell gasoline at a penny less than the competition, you want to point yourself in a broader direction.

Free gasoline can most often be found at your bank. . . The big billion dollar companies that are seeing less and less money being deposited in their vaults, and if you didn't know, banks can't make money without your money.

The next time you are looking a gift horse in the mouth, don't just smile, but kiss it! Today I'm discussing about the great deals being offered by many banks and/or credit card issuers.

Most people have a learned distrust when it comes to dealing with and using credit cards because we know there is almost always fine print. However, in this gas chomping times there is no need for fine print; banks are simply offering you free gasoline if you use their cards because they are as desperate to increase the money in their vaults the same as we are getting more and more desperate to save on our gasoline costs.

If a bank offers you a 10 % to 20% rebate this is free gasoline and free gasoline is all ways better than cheap gasoline. Understand what a 10% to 20% reduction in your fuel cost can do for you. It can be significant savings that should not be ignored.

Let's presuppose you are paying around $100 per week on gasoline like many of us are doing right now. If you used one of the banks rebate cards that pay you up to 20% back on all of your gasoline purchases you would be saving a solid $20 per week. Add that up for or over the course of a year and that total would increase to over a thousand dollars, that's $1,000 per year in free gasoline.

These types of savings can save your yearly vacations. They can keep you afloat from as your other expenses increase along with the rest of inflation. Free gasoline is different that cheap gasoline. Cheap gasoline's effects are not very apparent, but as you are seeing $20 checks being mailed to your home or being deposited in your account that is something that is measurable.

Some little known banking rules even allow you and your family to get a $1,000 per month, and sometimes you can get even more in free gasoline. Become more informed and be empowered by the wisdom you've learned from your past to know what not to do now and in the future.