Why An Approved Dealer Is Vital When Buying A Used Convertible

by : Thomas Pretty

When you are buying a used car there are always risks involved, that is why it is usually advisable to go to an approved dealer when thinking of buying. This way you are at least given some guarantees over the quality of the car and the quality of any workmanship that may have been undertaken. Advisably, approved used cars are always the way to go. This is true whether buying an approved used Audi, BMW or Porsche. It must also be remembered that buying a convertible causes problems of its own; here is some advice that may aid your choice.

Any convertible car whether a BMW Audi, Peugeot or even an MG is a considerable risk as a used car due to its retractable roof. When looking at the approved dealership it is advisable always to check the roof first, as the thing that keeps the car watertight it is essential that this should be in a good state of wear. Part of this check should include looking for gaps and tears and also that the seals are tight and will not allow water to pass through, approved dealers should make these checks to all of their used cars but it is always advisable to check yourself.

In addition to checking the quality of the roof the mechanism should also be checked extensively. Ensuring that it converts in a decent amount of time is essential while excessive motor noise may mean a replacement isn't long due. While this may not be an issue with a Peugeot an Audi will certainly cost a fair amount for replacement motors.

Once you have found the model of approved used car you want, whether a Mercedes, Audi or Citroen it is important to utilise the internet and research as much as you can on the forum sites. These sites are usually filled with owners of these cars and hence are a valuable resource full of useful and usable information. With this advice it should be possible to steer yourself in the right direction, making your choice to buy, that much easier.

Once you have made the decision to buy do not rush down the approved dealer cash in hand just yet, it is important to ring around insurance companies to get estimates of the insurance premiums you will be able to receive for your used convertible; remember that less powerful cars such as Peugeots and MGs will be cheaper to insure while a high power Audi or Mercedes will cost considerably more. Once again the internet is extremely useful granting you access to a variety of different insurance companies and quotes from each.

Also in your considerations should be how fuel efficient the approved used car will be. As fuel prices reach record highs it is extremely important to find a car that will give you a good return for what you pay for at the petrol pump. While the cost of next generation cars such as the new Audi TT convertible or the Mercedes SLK may be great, the money you will save in terms of fuel efficiency will give you a far more rewarding driving experience. At this stage, your approved dealer should be able to supply you with accurate information on fuel economy, failing that however the internet forums will serve much the same purpose.

Once you have completed the preceding tasks it is time to head down the approved dealers and buy yourself a used convertible that will have you touring the countryside with the wind in your hair in no time. Personally for me the Audi TT convertible is my ideal roadster but friends of mine love the Peugeot 206 and MGF. Whatever your choice, finding an approved dealer is vital in ensuring your motoring enjoyment.