Benefits of Running Your Car on Water

by : Abhinav Sidana

Do you ever heard about running your car on water? Most of the people are not aware about it even people working in car industry are not much familiar about it. Don't worry, it is a well-established technique and it has many advantages over conventional gas based cars. Do you know how much of energy is utilized by the gas based car engine for running your vehicle? More than 65 percent of the energy of gas-based cars is lost due to friction and at most 35 percent is actually used by your car. Isn't it a huge loss of energy?

So, look out for advantages of running your car on water. There are many advantages of running your car on water over the running of your car based on conventional gas or gasoline or petrol.

The major advantage is the fuel economy as we have already seen, in gas based cars only 35 percent energy produced from fuel is utilized to run the car, however if you are running your car on water, you are utilizing up to 60 percent of energy generated by fuel. So, as you will be utilizing higher amount of energy produced by the fuel, you will be saving the money. Assuming an average mileage traveled by you daily is 20 to 40 kilometer, you will be saving $1 to $2 daily on your fuel or you have a potential to save up to $750 to $1k annually, which is a huge amount.

The other major advantage of running your car on water is the durability of your car. The life of your car will be longer if you run your car on water. There are a number of problems associated with gas-based cars and some of them are the engine knocking, wear and tears of engine parts, piston and skirt varnish and exhaust problems. All these problems reduce the life of the engine.

The other advantage of running your car on water is that it does not pollute the environment. Gas based cars emits sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, particulate matters and RSPM. All these pollute the environment as well as cause many problems for human beings.

Another advantage of running your car on water is that your engine temperature does not overshoot. As water has cooling affect on your engine it this adds the life and durability of your car engine.