Run Your Car on Water by Making Your Own Fuel

by : Abhinav Sidana

Have you ever tried to make your own fuel for your car? Although you might not have thought about making fuel for your car, but this is possible now and you can make fuel within your car for running the car.

Fuel is a substance that reacts with oxygen and produces heat and energy. If we properly utilize that energy for carrying out some form of work, we can say that we are utilizing the energy for producing fruitful results. In conventional gas based car engines, the gas burnt in the presence of oxygen or it reacts with oxygen and forms water, oxides of carbon, sulfur and nitrogen oxides and produces heat and energy. We utilize a part of the energy to run the vehicle.

If you want to make your own fuel within the engine, you can do so by electrolyzing water. Water is made up of two basic constituents hydrogen and oxygen. If we can convert the water back into hydrogen and oxygen, and as we know that hydrogen is an excellent fuel and have highest energy producing potential, it can be reutilized as fuel for running the car.

For electrolyzing water within the car, you need a kit, which will cost you around $100. This kit is available from many sources and you can also try to get it from your local market or you can take help of your mechanic. There are many websites claiming to provide you free information so that you can install the kit yourself, however I would like to suggest you that if you have no mechanical experience, don't do it yourself. It is better to take help of your mechanic for installing it.

Once you install the electrolyzing kit in your car, you have started making your own fuel that will be utilized by your car for running it. As you know by this time that there are many advantages of running your car on water and the most beneficial advantage is that you will be saving huge money henceforth. So, convert your gas-based car into water-based car as quickly as possible. Install the necessary equipment required for converting water to hydrogen and oxygen and start using hydrogen as fuel for your car.