Save Fuel Without Using a Fuel Saver Product

by : Herman Booysen

The cost of fuel keeps reaching record highs and we are finding ourselves with less and less money. Some people are saying oil's per barrel price will slide to $75 per barrel, while others seem to think it will find some stability around the $100-$120 level, and the so called experts are predicting oil's per barrel price to skyrocket to $250.00! Regardless of what the price of gas may finally become, we must accept a new reality in which fuel costs are consistently higher than ever before in history, and which may continue to climb to levels unimaginable to us even today.

The economy is in a sad state. Many of us just can't afford to keep paying these kinds of prices for fuel. In order to keep these costs lower, the following tips can help you to save some money on your fuel consumption, without using a fuel saver product.

1.?Whenever possible, take public transit. Consider forming a carpool for commuting. If you are going somewhere which is near by, walk or ride a bike there.

2.?Keeping your vehicle well maintained can keep a lid on your fuel costs. Making sure that your tires are kept inflated to the proper level will save you a lot of fuel. Acceleration and braking should be done properly as well to minimize your fuel usage.

3.?Watch your speed. Driving faster than 110km/hour causes you to use fuel alot faster than driving at the recommended speed of 70-90 km/hr.

4.?If your car is a gas guzzler, then get rid of it and choose a car which is smaller and more fuel efficient. This will save you money and help out the environment as well.

5.?Even if you already drive a fuel efficient car, it doesn't mean that you are stuck using the same amount of gas as before. You can convert your car to an electric hybrid; however, this is a bit too expensive for many as it will usually involve replacing your entire engine. You could instead convert to a water/gas hybrid. You'll save a lot on fuel this way. These savings will soon offset the expense of the conversion kit.

6.?Switching from regular to low friction oil in your car can also save on fuel.

7.?If you're shopping for a conversion kit for your car, ask the dealer to give you a demonstration in person to prove that the kit really does what it says. If they can't or won't do so, find a dealer who can and will give you a demonstration.

If you follow these tips, you can do your part to help out the environment and save a lot of money on fuel in the bargain.