Tinted Windows

by : carazoo.com

In today's polluted world, it is become very important walk around with the protecting shield to save as from all kinds of harmful rays. As we cannot Tinted windows serve a very important function in protecting you and your car from the harmful rays of sun. The film used for sun control films is polyester with a scratch resistant coating on one side and a clear mounting adhesive on the other. Some tips to be followed before the installing the film.

The concept of window films on flat glass was introduced way back in 1960 and made a huge market from then with wide range of colors and shades. Before selecting the window tint for car, it is always better to research the legal laws related to it. Some countries have outlawed window tinting through out. The darkness of the tinting is also legislated. This is measured by Visible Light Transmission (VLT %), defined as percentage of light visible through tint. So a professional should be familiar with the laws and provide you the certificate of the compliance, incase you are questioned by the authorities.

Though you can tint your car windows yourself, it is always better to have a professional help. It not only looks neat and better but also lasts longer and is guaranteed also makes sure that the job is legal and provides warrantee if any thing goes wrong.

Tinting takes place through following basic process. First and foremost the window(s) must be cleaned properly and prepped to the take the film. As all the window(s) comes in different shapes and sizes, proper measurement is to b taken and then the film is precisely cut to fit. Finally the film is adhered to the window with mounting solution. It should be a clear window, free of bubbles or any folds. Once the procedure is done, you should ensure that the window is not opened and it should be kept dry for two days. Tinted windows can be cleaned after 30 days to ensure proper bonding.

A tinted window helps you from harmful rays. They block 65% of sun's rays and 99.9% of damaging UV rays and protect your eyes and skin from damage. It is also safe for your car. It protects from damaging your car upholstery and also makes your window pane safer by holding shattered glass in place.