Custom Car Stereo Fiberglass Work Look Luxurious and Fantastic

by : Muna wa Wanjiru

Custom car stereo fiberglass work can prove to be very messy and if you have no idea of what you are doing, the mess is sure to be even bigger. Fiberglass is a material widely used in the world of car audio to achieve sleek and classy finishes coupled with smooth lines. The material is very efficient and whatever your imagination comes up with, you can make it real from fiberglass. There are lots of instructions on the internet on how to work with it and you can also purchase DVDs to learn more on this topic. In the car audio show scene, there are very many inspired models of fiberglass and as you embark on training yourself on this, you need to keep your mind on the fantastic end results. The first thing you need to have is a clear guideline of instructions in which you should follow to the letter.

Mostly, in custom car stereo fiberglass work, the projected results should resemble those of a piano finish. There is a technique where fiberglass can be used without the need of a mold and this is witnessed in many car audio fiberglass finishes. While starting to work on the car stereo find some finishing resin; to achieve that desired result, resin is key. Paint everything evenly with a mixture of fiberglass and coloring agent. Paint 3 to 5 coats after each looses its thickness and on the final coat, it will be helpful to add some acetone. Acetone will fill some brush lines and make sure that everything is smooth. After 2 to 3 days, everything will have cured and it is a good time to begin the sanding process. Sand until you achieve a dull look of a smooth finish.

Then you sand using abrasol, keeping in mind constant lubrication with water. Keep checking on various scratches that may have occurred until you can see your reflection through the surface. You can then polish the surface with a car polish and you can even wax the surface to achieve a mirror like end result. If you want to customize and create various shapes, you need to visualize and plan before taking the tools you need. If an image will serve you better, scribble something or have someone draw for you. Follow the instructions from your manual and the results will be breathtaking. The process will of course demand some tools and among the many you need to have are a finishing sander, a 5" random orbital sander, a cheese grater, abrasol pads, a heat gun and others.

You can compare the many tips floating on the internet and pick every helpful detail. You can also view diagrams apart from watching videos on custom car stereo fiberglass work. This work can become a hobby when you get used to it. A beginner might want to give up on the process altogether. It is only by focusing on the possibilities of the end result that one will appreciate this exciting process. One thing that helps is availing yourself not only to watch a video but, to watch someone else working live. There is an aspect of learning and seeing that it can be done that goes a long way to encourage someone. If you had no idea about this process before, now you are at a better chance to start and make your car stereo look luxurious and fantastic.