Water for Gas Saves Consumers Thousands of Dollars

by : gaspricerelief

If you're still waiting on the magical gas price fairy to swoop down, wave her wand, and bring fuel costs down to under a buck, don't read this article! You may consider scheduling appointment with a psychologist to evaluate the delusional nature of your mind. The sad reality is that gas prices are never going back down due to the corruption we are faced with by "Big Oil" and our politicians! On the other hand, if you're looking for a proven, safe way to double your gas mileage and save $100+ a month at the pump, you are at the right place at the right time. The solution and savior is HHO Gas, also known as Browns Gas. It's pulled from water (H20) through the simple process of electrolysis. When you convert your automobile's engine to burn HHO, you will reap the above benefits along with having much cleaner emissions.

A little known fact that everyone should understand is that Brown's Gas is extremely safe. When most people thing of hydrogen technology, they think of the unsafe version of storing large volumes of raw hydrogen in compressed tanks. These are very unstable and highly flammable. By using water with HHO method, hydrogen is produced steadily and in small quantities with make it safe and stable.

"Why haven't I heard about this technology," you may ask yourself. Even though this conversion method has been around for many years, it remained secret from public eyes. Tesla was the first to unearth the fact that water could be used as a fuel, almost a hundred years ago! Economical and political motives prevented this global advancement from being brought forth to the masses. Now, we are fortunate to have information at the tips of our fingers so more people have been turned on to this. The popularity has grown immensely as thousands of people have installed the water conversion apparatus. It's also been simplified so that even a child can understand the "how-to" process.

Let's take a good look at a few reasons why you'll definitely want to consider running you car on water:

1) Your car / truck is guaranteed to be at bare minimum, 40% more fuel efficient, thereby allowing you to save hundreds of dollars on gas per month.

2) You can save on taxes for driving an automobile that is friendly to the environment.

3) It cuts down on toxic carbon emissions while protecting your health the environment.

4) You will reduce you car's maintenance costs.

5) It boosts your engine's performance.

6) The engine on your car will last longer.

Forget the thought of actually purchasing a hybrid. They are far from affordable. It is much less expensive to simply convert your own car into a state-of-the-art hybrid. Believe it or not, HHO conversion is very easy, allowing you to do it by yourself even if you are not mechanically savvy. The parts necessary for your engine's upgrade are present in most hardware stores. Typically, you can get everything for under $100. The home conversion is easily reversible and doesn't void your warranty for your car.

Off the top of my head, a few things that are necessary are baking soda, a sealed quart size container, electrical wiring, a bit of vacuum hose and water. In order to split the water particles into hydrogen and oxygen, you must pass an electrical current from your auto's battery to the water. Following that, the Brown's gas that has been created will be shuttled to your automobile's manifold.

Aside from making your car into a water / hydrogen powered hybrid, I recommend helping family, friends, and loved ones as well. They will thank you in large numbers because you are putting extra cash in their pockets every month. Hundreds of thousands of folks worldwide have already began implementing water for fuel. Hopefully you now can understand why this innovative technology is sweeping the globe and how it can help ease the financial burden of the ever increasing gas prices...

- Matthew J. Loop, DC

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