Fuel Rising? Need a Solution? Did You Know About It?

by : Walter G.

With the ever-rising price of fossils fuels today, consumers are victims of the automotive manufacturing sector and our comfortable lifestyles. Not wanting to give up our creature comforts, we are on a never ending search for "The Holy Grail", that "one" alternative renewable energy source to run our vehicles, an energy source that is good to the environment, cost effect to produce and therefore cheaper to the consumer in the long haul.

Over the last 10 years, there have been two constant front-runners in this race: Electric Conversion and Hydrogen Gas. Both have shown it is possible to achieve the end goal, but with every step forward, we take two more back. The automobile industry appears to be working on solutions, but they too are part of the terminal problem. No one sector of the automobile industry - be it manufacturing, oil conglomerates or (the real culprit here) the government - want to move ahead. There is far too much money tied up in fossil fuels, so it appears again, the people are not heard over the magnanimous dictatorship and authority of these giants. It is time we all get involved and do something to change this.

Loyalty to petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul. (Mark Twain)

There are renewable energy sources available; we just need to open our eyes and ears to the buzz going on around us. Hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles are available and in most areas, you can buy, drive and operate one of these options if you have the money to do so. There are alternative fuels making their way into the market such as Bio Diesel, Ethanol, Solar and others...but do they have the staying power? The big buzz in the fuel market today is Hydrogen.

So far, none of the other alternatives has proven to be cost effective to produce (according the manufacturing sector, as they would need to convert to new methods) nor are they readily available on the market for consumers. What we are looking for at this point is nothing short of an engineering miracle; a way to convert the automobiles we currently own into cost effective fuel efficient machines that enhance our daily lives instead of draining our pocket books! Hydrogen is the answer.

We will remain the victims of Big Brother if we do not change what is happening. Hydrogen conversions are 100% legal, cost effective and will guarantee that you will no longer be paying Big Brother for the privilege of operating your automobile.

Do your research; browse the Internet to see your options. No one can tell you how to run your life but you can educate yourself on how to change it for the better. Hydrogen conversions are available now. They are inexpensive, renewable and cost less then a cart of groceries and the most impressive thing is; you the victim of this fossil fuel dependant society can do it yourself!

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. (Mahatma Gandhi)