Title: Installation of the Garage Door Weather Strip Door Seals

by : Johan Hedin

Because the garage is usually built attached to the home, the cool air generated from the air conditioner may leak through gaps around the garage door. The garage door weather strip will keep air from leaking out, making the garage warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Besides conserving energy, it can help keeping the garage clean. No longer do you have to worry about water entering the garage because this weather strip will prevent any incoming rain, snow, dirt, snakes and rodents from entering underneath the doors. Installation of a garage door weather strip is very easy which even un-handymen and women can perform.

Make sure garage weather strip as straight as possible and that the floor is clean and completely dry.?? At Garageaccessoriesrus.com you can get the whole kit to make this an easy and quick installation.? The whole kit comes with a lifetime warranty as well.?

If a weather strip was previously mounted, remove the old seal and its staples. If those staples cannot be removed, hammer to flush them into the floor. The point is to have the floor as smooth as possible so the new weather door strip won't get torn. Before moving on be aware that the amount of moisture accumulated on the weather strip can afflict rot on the bottom of the door. This can be prevented by coating the door bottom with a clear wood preservative.

Measure where you'll be mounting the weather strip by lifting the garage door up to the chest level. This way you can have a proper look and adjust the strip to the proper position. Mark it with a mark tape or a clamp. Unroll the strip and make sure the length is about the right size. While positioning the strip, make sure that its overhang doesn't extend to the outside. If it does so, the extension would hit against the garage doorframe and you may end up spending time trimming it.

Now you are ready and prepared for the installation, line the weather strip up with both ends past the door. Put a staple to the strip.? Keep stapling across the entire strip, skipping every 3 inches or so. When you are finished stapling, check both ends and trim the weather strip to make sure it meets the end of the door. After you have completed this, alleviate the garage door for easy hammering. Make sure there are no nails left from the previous installation on the floor. Now attach the strip to the bottom roller bracket and hammer via the holes measurable during an earlier process.? At Garageaccessoriesrus.com you can easily find the whole kit and get started immediately. The Tsunami Seal®?Garage Door Threshold works with any garage door such as roll up doors, hinged wooden doors, and walk-through doors and comes in black, gray and brown to match the color scheme of your home.? Keep your garage clean and cut your cost in energy bills.? I am very sure you will be happy with the results.