Increase Your Gas Mileage and Burn Clean Gas

by : Bryan Burbank

HHO Car Conversions are becoming the craze in doubling your gas mileage. With the high price of gas and oil prices setting new records every day it is important to get a system that you can install yourself that will help you get great gas mileage. A lot of people are creating there own water gas hybrids and with the $4.00 + at the gas pump it is good that we are starting to see some alternatives.

Double Gas Mileage Today

HHO kits can vary in price and functionality so it is important that you get one from a reputable dealer. Basically how it works is that the kits takes water in a fuel cell and turns it into burning gas for your car. The fuel cell will hook to your battery so that the water can be converted and the end result is that the gas made from the water will mix with your fuel to give you better gas mileage. Another advantage is that your car will be cleaner because you will have water vapors that are much more environmentally friendly than strait gas vapors.

The system is similar to hydrogen but is not exactly the same because you are burning small amounts of water and it is not pure hydrogen.

The HHO Gas Conversion System is a great way to increase gas mileage and improve your cars performance and horsepower. It may be time to take control over your gas efficiency and put money back in your pocket rather than giving it all to the big gas companies.