Water is the Fuel of Future!

by : Abhinav Sidana

It was proved from ancient times that water is competent of producing energy and this already known fact attracted attentions of all scientists who were busy in trying to unearth an alternative option for fuels from many years. So scientists begin the plan of using water as an alternative of fuel as that would be the best use of the water power and thought that if this bounded power of water could be used as fuel then it would be useful for the absolute human world, these all thoughts resulted into the technique of running car by water as fuel. This fuel is affable for the environment and prevents the atmosphere.

Now, Water takes the place of the fuel of future and can successfully be used as a good alternative of the fuel but for using this latest fuel one should know about its application prior to use. Water is stored in car in small container .In this technique electrolysis converts water into fuel. The battery of the car supplies the required electricity to separate hydrogen from oxygen producing brown's gas which is inflammable and provides the needed energy for running car.

Many people are still incredulous about this idea, but this is indeed achievable today. All People across the world are applying this technique to run cars with the water hybrid technology. It's a fabulous idea to run car on water and certainly this leads to loads of benefits. Certainly, it helps to save money against the rising prices of gas. But that's not all - there are many added advantages that most people don't ever even bother about. These all advantages formulate it as a good idea.

This idea makes the car driving more affordable as now; by using water as fuel one can save up to 20-50% money which is a pretty good deal. This should be commemorated that water alone can't run the car but it reduces the amount of gas to be used normally; this only tempts drivers to implement this technique also Lower usage of gas causes an increase in Miles per Gallon (MPG). Water confirmed to be more proficient than regular gasoline. As almost 80% of the energy is wasted in the form of heat, vibration and pollution leaving behind mere 20% of the fuel energy for running car while water does not experiences these problems. As a result making the car engine resulting into smooth drive.

Another mammoth advantage of hybrid cars is that these are proving to be boon for the environment. This is the main reason behind their invention .As cars with this peculiar technique dramatically reduce CO2 and carbon emissions, which an important feature against the Global is warming. The growing rate of pollution is creating global warming making it the severe problem each and every day, and it's really high time to search for solution about it!