Choosing the Right Tractor Tire Chains

by : Elizabeth Morgan

Tractor tire chains come in many of the same models, styles, anddesigns as other tire chains. Depending on the size and brand ofthe tractor and tractor wheel, a variety of tire chains can befound.

Like most other types of tire chains, there are many differentoptions available in tractor tire chains. The most popularchoice, and the most widely recommended, is two-link spacingwith an optional V-Bar. Two link spacing means that there is across chain every second side chain link. Basically, it hastwice as many cross chains as the four-link spacing, which onlyhas a cross chain every fourth side chain link. The extra chainsprovide for a more steady, smooth ride and more steeringcontrol. The optional V-Bar chains are extremely helpful on ice,hills, and other hard-packed conditions. While V-Bar chains areavailable in both two- and four-link spacing, they should not beused on pavement since they can damage the surface of the road.

Kubota Tractor tire chains are available in the basic two- andfour-link chains. Kubota recommends using tire chains and wheelweights in icy conditions. Even when using tire chains, driversshould still drive at a speed slow enough to maintain completecontrol of the tractor at all times.

For farm tractors, dealers recommend duo-group cross tirechains. These chains are not connected in the middle, so thepattern does not fall between the tread bars. Duo-group crosschains are recommended for field work, deep tread, off road use,and hilly conditions, making them the perfect choice for farmtractor tire chains