The Safest Luxury Cars to Insure

by : Brad Intlehouse

Considering the exorbitant prices of most luxury cars, it's averitable godsend for many cash-strapped consumers when geniuscar manufacturers have invented cars worth their sticker prices.

Thus it strips off the word luxury, bearing the meaning that itholds up to its name because of its price and nothing else.

Today, prominent car manufacturers like BMW and AUDI had beenravishing the limelight after they received recognition fromConsumer Reports on its latest models.

The cars were among the safest cars on the road.

BMW 330i's general safety features that placed it on the top ofthe list are panic button alarm, side guard door beams, andchild-safety door locks.

It is also equipped with driver airbags, a passenger air bagcutoff switch or sensor, a passenger airbag, front side airbag,and side head curtain airbags. The second row side airbag isoptional.

For added protection, the BMW 330i is equipped with anti- theftprevention features. These features are the selective locking orunlocking feature, the locking fuel filler door or cap, valetlockout, and the vehicle anti-lockout device.

It is equipped with a stability control that effectivelyprotects the driver from any swerving or uncontrolled motion.

Moreover, because of the many incidences wherein suddeninflation of airbags had caused accidents, mostly children, BMW330i airbags are endowed with smart dual-thresholds, sensor, anddual-stage deployment that curb any airbags inflation that wereuncalled for.

On the other hand, the Audi A4 luxury car also speaks of genuinecraftsmanship.

The safety break features enable the Audi A4 to safeguard itsoccupants in the event that an accident happens or whenever theroad becomes slippery.

A dual-stage and dual-threshold airbag supplemental restraintswith occupant sensors were also provided.

It also has a new system of seat belts management and usabilitythat features a safer way of employing seat belts while on theroad.

Plus, it has child-friendly safety features like LATCH or thelower anchorage and tethers for children system situated at therear seats, and child safety rear door locks.

With all these safety features, no wonder they were among thesafest cars on the road. This is not just mere recognition formost buyers but also a way of saving more money when gettinginsurance.

It is because most auto insurance companies charge lower premiumrates to drivers who drive safe cars. There are also autoinsurance companies that offer additional anti-theft or vehicletracking discounts.

Moreover, cars, like the ones mentioned, who performed well oncar crash tests will keep you safe in an accident and as a sidebenefit most likely get you lower auto insurance premiums.

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