Boss Mustang: Then and Now

by : David Anthony

The Mustang has been loved by car enthusiasts since it was first introduced back in the Swinging Sixties. In fact, the Mustang had one of the most successful auto launches in history! People were enthralled with a car that had sleek sports car looks and a smooth, powerful engine. The Mustang was the best of both worlds... the ultimate status symbol and the most powerful car of its time.

Boss Mustangs were infused with a powerful engine, a sturdy design and stylish good looks. Each series in the Boss line was slightly different in design and engine, but all were excellent performers.

The first of the Boss series, the 302, came out in 1969. It had a 302 (surprise!) engine that was documented 290 hp. Owners of this vehicle would later dispute this by saying the horsepower was closer to 350. This vehicle came standard with exterior stripes and front spoilers. The rest was optional and could be added for extra fees.

The Boss 429 was available in 1969 and 1970 only. This means that Boss fans had only two years to purchase this automobile new. Because of this, there is a lot of interest in finding a mint Boss 429 or at least, finding one that can be renovated to look like it did originally. As a standard Mustang SportsRoof, this car came without the usual extravagant paint job or decals. Instead, the focus was on its amazingly powerful 429 V8 engine and Magnum 500 wheels. The Boss 429 did not have an automatic transmission or air conditioning, but it did have a 375 horse power engine! The air conditioning must have been left out simply because there was no more room under the hood with such a gigantic engine taking up all the space!

The Boss 351 enjoyed many acclaims in its day as well. It was produced only in 1971 and had a 330 hp four-bolt Cleveland block and crank shaft. This Boss had a large hood scoop and amazing performance. Because of its rarity, the 351 is probably the most popular of the Boss series amongst collectors.

Back in the day, a Boss Mustang would have set you back only a few thousand dollars. Today, depending upon their condition, these cars can be sold for over three hundred thousand dollars. This is due to the fact that these cars are not only still beloved, they're a hobby.

Some people drive their Boss Mustangs, while others only have them for show. Those that don't purchase their Boss in mint condition will quickly let restoring it become their favorite pastime.

There are many reproductions of the Boss series out there and it's takes a person with an extensive knowledge of the Ford Mustang to be able to tell the real from the fake. Keep an eye out for the original parts, decals and always know the VIN and chassis number. Each car was documented by these numbers and with a little research, you can find out for yourself if the car you want to buy is truly a Boss Mustang or not. Be aware that creating a fake Boss is very much an art. The people that do it aren't amateurs and have been known to fool even those considered to be experts. So, before you hand over the cash, beef up on Boss so you can rest assured that you've just purchased the real deal.