What to do When This Car Accident Fiasco Happens

by : Dave Lloyd

Today's cars have become more reliable, affordable, and useful to individuals and families. They are mechanically sound and include every variety of warranty possible. Aside from a major accident, they almost seem impenetrable to outside forces. That is except for one small thing - the road pebble. It's probably happened to everyone - you're driving on the freeway, get behind a gravel truck, and all of a sudden you hear a big 'pop' - your windshield has been hit by a pebble, but it sounds like a giant boulder. Now, if you're fortunate, the glass did not crack. But for many of us, the impact may have created a small divot, a significant crack, or may have created a splintered web of cracks extending from the initial impact. Either way, it's a significant problem in need of repair.

What to do if your windshield cracks

And due to this growing problem in our car-heavy culture, an industry of auto glass repair and windshield replacement shops has grown into a thriving industry. Quite often, these auto glass repair shops are part of larger auto body repair or car maintenance locations. Other times, they are stand-alone businesses that bring in enough revenue to not be affiliated with a larger provider. But they are able to provide a variety of services - some do auto glass repair while other replace windshields entirely. Some do the service in house while others outsource the service to another vendor.

How to choose an windshield repair provider

As you consider what you're looking for in an auto glass provider, keep in mind these things: what is their location relative to your house, what is their turnaround time and how long will your car be out of commission, do they have additional services they will put on top of the repair or replacement in trying to charge you more, and what is their reputation in your community. Given that this type of service is often a commodity skill (meaning it can be done by anyone qualified and does not require a tremendous amount of skill), it's important to evaluate different prices and service levels as these may vary from one place to another. And once you've found the right place for repairs, be sure to inquire about their guarantee service if the windshield should track or be in need of repair in the near future. So you'll be taken care of until you find yourself in another unfortunate driving circumstance.